Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Oh, how I love Jesus

Nothing brings me more delight than God's Word. My grandchildren run a very, very close second though. There is just something about grandbabies. They fill my heart with joy and love and peace that all is right with the world. They give me a pick-up when I'm down and they fill me to overflowing from the love that they bestow upon me. I am so grateful to my God that He has blessed me with these precious kiddos!

There are so many things about them that I love.

I LOVE the way that they are cousins and best friends. They always have fun when they are together and I am blessed that my girls are best friends as well. We just need Melissa to move from Boston and come home! 

I LOVE that they love their Nana so very much! 

Mercie attaches herself to me and is my constant shadow. She has always been a Nana's girl and I have a feeling that she always will be. She tells me I am her favorite person. I love that little girl so much!

Bryton thinks that Nana is the expert on bibles and bible covers. That makes me laugh but it also fills my heart with love that he knows how much the Word means to me!

Laylah Beth always wants to be right up in her Nana's lap and wants to 'spend the night with Nana' all the time!

Sawyer cries when he leaves me and tells me I look like 'Elsa' from Frozen.... He is in love with her so that is the highest form of praise from a 5 year old! Ha!

Eli tells me that he feels "safe" with me. I love that little dude so much and love that he still likes to snuggle with me even though he is now 9 years old!

Silas and Titus want to go home with me every time I go visit. Those two little fellas are so precious and they fill this Nana's heart with joy all the time! 

Mikaela loves unconditionally. She is the sweetest young lady and when she was younger she always said she was going to be a 'bible study girl' like her Nana. She still loves to read the Word and there is nothing that I love more than reading it with her. We can talk about deep spiritual things together and I love that so very much! She tells me how much she loves me all the time.

Liam mostly wants his mama right now, but he does loves his Nana and Papa. He is a sweet little boy and I know that when he is older, he will be a Nana's baby just like all the rest! I love being the favorite! LOL!

Silas and Titus on the trampoline with Nana.

Liam being his usual cute self.

If there is anything that I want my grandchildren to learn from me it is that the Word of God is the most important thing they will ever hold in their hands or in their hearts. I have tried to instill in them just how precious the Scriptures are and how much God loves them! I desire for them to have a deep and intimate relationship with Christ above all else. Lord, may it be so...

A few months ago, we had the privilege of vacationing with 4 of our best friends! We had a great time at the beach and it was so much fun to vacation with people who love the Lord and desire to please Him!
You can have a great time and still honor the commands and teachings of the Word. We are blessed to have these 2 couples in our lives. I can't imagine life without them.
(Tammy, Mary Lea and Me)

(Marvin, Jimbo and Greg)

Jimbo and I had a great time in New Mexico. We were in Alamogordo to preach a revival and see some dear friends of ours in the process. I was able to share and minister to the women a few times that week and I had such a great time imparting things to them that God had been teaching me! 

We spent a a few hours at Carlsbad Caverns and at White Sands. It was fun but I wore out quickly! The last time we were there with our girls I was 35 years old! A lot happens in 16 years to a body!

The mountains in Cloudcroft are beautiful and really bring the glory of God right to the forefront. His Creation is gorgeous. Everywhere you look you can see His Hand of majestic creativity. We truly serve an amazing and powerful and mighty God! He left His fingerprints on all of Creation and we need to merely open our eyes and see...