Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Fear not

We see the words ‘don’t be afraid’ many times in God’s Word. Words that easily slip off our tongues but don’t slip so easily into our spirits.
In fact, we seem to have no problem telling others not to fear yet we have a harder time telling that to our own selves. We struggle with living lives free of anxiety and fear but have difficulty understanding why others can’t seem to get a grip on being able to live without it.
Perhap our fears seems logical to us and we feel validated in them but the fears of other people just don’t make sense to us.
The truth is that God desires for us all to live our daily lives in peace with Him. He knows we will have struggles. He knows we will have times of uncertainty. He knows things will not always be easy. But He also knows that if we would simply trust Him completely we could walk through those times of turmoil and anxiety free from paralyzing fear.
We can walk in peace because He promises to walk beside us. He promises to never leave us. He promises that He will guide us in the right path........
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