Sunday, April 26, 2015

send me...

"She has done what she could..."
(Mark 14:8a)
After an exhausting few days of ministering in Honduras, my body screams for some rest. My mind wonders how in the world I thought I could live a missionaries life at the age of 52. My flesh allows doubts to surface and cloud my vision. The heat is extreme and the sun is intense. For a brief flash of time, I falter in my call. And then....
God taps me on the shoulder and whispers so sweetly in my ear. Remember, Beth. Remember the people you have touched. Remember the children's faces. Remember the joy. Remember what I called you and Jimbo to do.
My focus begins to clear and I begin to feel the stirrings of that initial call once more. God begins to send precious reminders of why we are doing what we are doing. He sends me brief glimpses into the depth and reach of what He has commissioned us to do in His Name.
He sends a little girl named Jamie. We were at the Caribbean coast after having a baptismal service this morning. Grabbing some refuge from the heat and sun, we ducked into a shaded café. As we sat and enjoyed some cold bottled water, a little girl carrying a big basket approached our table. She was selling fresh coconut rolls and cookies. We talked with her and found out that she was 8 years old. Every day, either after school, or all day on the weekends, Jamie walks up and down the beach selling bread and cookies for her mother. On the weekends, she starts at 8:30 am and sells until 8:00 pm.
Our hearts just broke for her. We were all so burdened that a precious little girl, 8 years of age, spends 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday, walking among scores of people in the hot sun to help her family make a living. We asked her how much for the whole basket of goodies and she quickly added up the total which came to 300 Lempira or about $13.50. We all pooled together the Lempira that we had and bought all of her bread and cookies. We then gave it all back to her. She was surprised but grateful. Our friend Saul had a chance to share Jesus with her for just a brief moment. It doesn't always require a lengthy ordeal. Sometimes it's just a small seed to be planted. But little Jamie taught us plenty this morning. My mind is still filled with the image of her sweet face. My heart forever touched by her life. As little Jamie walked off, God nudged my heart, "Do you see? Do you remember?"
It wasn't very long after that, we noticed a commotion on the beach. We could see scores of people running out of the water and the atmosphere was one of panic. I then saw someone running into the water with a large inner-tube. I looked at Jimbo and said, "What if someone is drowning out there? We need to pray." I quickly said a brief prayer, asking God to help whoever was trying to save that persons life." After a few minutes, things begin to calm down. One of the guys on our team went down to see if he could find out what happened. In just a short while, he came back and told us. His sister is a nurse and she is the head of the medical team on this mission trip. She saw them running to the beach with a young lady just hanging limp and unresponsive. She ran to them and told them she could help. When she reached the teenage girl, she had no pulse and wasn't breathing. She began doing CPR and got her pulse back. She continued doing mouth-to-mouth and finally the girl began to breathe. Monica had saved that girls life. As I was praying for the person that would save her, I had no idea I was praying for a member of our team. Once again, God nudged my heart.
Tonight, I am tired but refreshed. I am energized by the work of the Holy Spirit. I am ready for what tomorrow will bring. I look forward to helping countless people in the medical clinic with their physical problems and their spiritual problems. I look forward to leading bible school tomorrow afternoon and touching the lives of hundreds of precious children. I anticipate a glorious worship service tomorrow night.
But most of all, I am ready for the influx of blessings that these precious souls bestow upon me each time I encounter them. I look forward to the impact that they have on my life and the lessons that God teaches me through them.
Yes, Lord, I remember. Here I am.... please, keep sending me.