Sunday, July 31, 2011

turn the world upside down

Waiting quietly.
Anticipating eagerly.
Vowing to be still. And listen.

Oh, Lord, pour down on me like rain.
Speak to my spirit.
Flood my soul with the quiet whispers
of your heart.

Show me direction.
Guide my thoughts and desires along
the path that you have created. 

You are the author of my life story.

In the stillness of our communion, send
forth a Word to my seeking heart.

Satisfy my hunger with manna from heaven.
Quench my thirst with life giving water.

I am broken. Surrendered. 

I am fully committed to your calling.

Willing to go. Ready to serve.

Desiring your fingerprints all over my life. Prepared 
to do your will no matter where it takes me 
or what it demands that I do.

Empower me, Oh, Lord, to fulfill your 
purpose in me and through me. Give me 
a passion for the gospel that is 
eclipsed by nothing else.

Fill me. Equip me. Use me.

Take this broken vessel and use me to spread the good news 
of the gospel of Christ to a lost and dying world. May I bring 
nothing but glory and honor to your name and may 
your name be magnified in all that I do and say.

May I turn the world upside down for Jesus.

"And when they found them not, they
drew Jason and certain brethren unto the
rulers of the city, crying,  These that
have turned the world upside down are
come hither also..."
(Acts 17:6)


Anonymous said...

Oh Beth... a beautiful prayer filled with the very depth of your soul.

God just gave me manna for my hungry soul...through you, sweet Beth.

I pray with you.
loving you, ~ linda

Nana Jul said...'s like you wrote directly from my heart (only much more eloquently than I could)...
Lead us...whisper those words, Lord, that you know move us...empower us to serve from the place of abundance in you! May our eyes witness and behold your salvation today...and tomorrow...May we witness the evidence of your promises...Come Lord Jesus - Nothing is impossible for the LORD!
Love ya,

Sassy Granny ... said...

Oh that His Spirit would again swoop across the land with so upturning a move. One believer has such huge power!

Seeking the same with you ...


Just stopped by to say "hello" -- I miss all of you. I've been teaching and teaching and writing and feeding the hungry!

How about you? I hope you are enjoying your summer!

I miss you and love you much! I pray for you often!

Chooisng JOY in this season,

Yolanda said...

In agrement-

Faith Imagined said...

I serously have tears! Beautiful!!!

Teresa said...

So beautifully written...your writing is the epitome of the latter part of Eph. 5:18 through vs. 19 & 20...thank you for exalting our God as you encourage others. Your writing reveals that you are led by The Holy Spirit, The Holy Breath and Wind of God!

Nancy said...

That was so lovely. And I love that scripture. When I was cleaning out my files, I found something, a message just for my moment, in my P file. (prayer.)

Beth in NC said...

Beautiful heart prayer my friend!


Love and hugs,