Tuesday, February 14, 2012

famine or feast?

Are we suffering from a famine in our relationship with God? Are we too busy extending sacrifices to Him that cost us nothing instead of crucifying ourselves daily and offering Him our lives? Do we spend more time doing other things than we spend in the Word seeking Him and His presence?

When we begin to seek satisfaction in our lives from anything other than God, we become guilty of idolatry. Anything that takes priority over Christ is an idol and will serve as a distraction to us. The enemy will use these distractions in our lives to keep us disengaged from the things of Christ and will eventually be the cause of deep famine in our spiritual walk. 

When we don't spend time in the scriptures eagerly searching for revelation of His Spirit and desiring a Word from God, we will begin to falter.  The Word of God is precious and a very necessary part of developing and cultivating an intimate relationship with Him. We must make personal bible study a priority in our lives. We must also spend time in prayer. Fervent and sincere prayer. Time on our faces crying out and reaching up. Pouring out and receiving. 

If we have found ourselves in a famine situation, we only need to eat and drink. Devour His Words. Feast on the Bread of Life. Drink deeply of the life giving water that flows from the Throne of Grace. He alone will satisfy those hunger pangs and quench that desperate thirst. He is all we need.

"For the Bread of God is He 
which cometh down from heaven,
and giveth life unto the world"
(John 6:33)

"And Jesus said unto them, I am the
bread of Life; he that cometh to me
shall never hunger; and he that
believeth on me shall never thirst"
(John 6:35)

Sweet Manna from Heaven:

Laylah Beth - 5 1/2 months







My girl with her little girl.

Mikaela with her little cousin Laylah Beth. 


Beth Ann Copes said...

This is truth.
I remember a time when I was so busy from morning til nite. Kids, job, housework. God has given me a special gift for a season to prepare for what comes next. I have hours and sometimes a whole day to spend in His Word.
May I make two suggestions for those of you who do not have this privilege.
Buy the Bible on cd and listen to it whenever you can. God will honor this effort. His word does not return void.
Secondly try to memorize scripture. You will carry the Bible with you. Most everyone knows John 3:16. Quote any scripture that you know. Hide the Word in you heart that you will not sin against Him.
I love you, Beth. I consider you my mentor.

Sassy Granny ... said...

First, what a beautiful collection of "valentines"!

This got me: "When we begin to seek satisfaction in our lives from anything other than God, we become guilty of idolatry."

I could ponder that a long, long time. It makes me think of the admonitions to "guard the heart".

Erin Tarver said...

There are so many verses that I am so glad I have commited to my heart, so when the enemy attacks, I can remember God's promises to me. There are so many promises and we know He is the ultimate promisekeeper. When I feel hopeless in a situation, I cry out to God with this verse:

"We do not know what to do, but our eyes are upon you." 2 chron. 20:12

Sonja said...

I am always drawn by the words of your heart Beth, and they always point to Jesus! Thank you for that.

And the precious children, they grow more adorable with each new picture you post. I just love their little faces.