Friday, March 2, 2012


The longing to hear God speak,
holds me captive,
occupies my thoughts 
and reaches out to me. 

The longing tugs at my heart and soul.

I listen. 
I worship.
I become motionless and
let my mind focus on His power and His goodness.

Standing still, I let God move.

Obeying... heeding... following.

Eyes closed and heart flung wide open. 
I sense His presence.
I feel His love  and I am 
ever mindful of His generous mercy and His sweet grace.

As He speaks, I feel the gentle breeze blow 
across my heart as His voice whispers, 'I am here'.

The electricity that shoots through my
body is overwhelming. I am overcome with 
the amazing truth of who He is.

He is speaking affirmation to my spirit. Acknowledging my
relationship with Him. Opening my eyes to
new revelations of Him. Stirring my soul to search
the hidden things. 

The deep things.

Echoing deep in the recesses of my being
with a yearning of immense proportion.

Speak life into me, Lord. Hear my cry.
Renew me that I may receive what you have for me.

As I yield myself fully to the calling you ordained, 
show me the direction you desire me to go. Guide my 
steps. Shape my path. Walk with me, Lord.

I close my eyes and feel your arms wrapped lovingly about me.

Embraced in the strength of your mighty hand. I know
you hold me close and will never let me go.  I am safe in 
your grasp. Fully sheltered under your wing. Caught in an
eternal embrace of my Savior.

Only you, Lord can occupy my thoughts and satisfy my longing. Only you can fill the yearning in my heart. You are my everything and I give you praise.


Nana Jul said...

Beautiful surrendered heart cry - I love that he shelters us..leads and guides us and that He loves...Oh how He loves us!
That we can just sit in His presence and soak...Fill us up LORD, let love overflow and radiate from being in your presence. Let others see you in us.
Wow Beth!! Beautiful.

sister sheri said...

Just beautiful!