Tuesday, December 4, 2012

unwavering faith

"And he believed in the LORD
and he counted it to him for righteousness"
(Genesis 15:6)


The faith of Abraham is so inspiring. He never faltered. He never wavered. He didn't hesitate. He heard the voice of God and He obeyed. He obeyed without question or doubt. He knew His God and He knew His voice and He believed. Wow. 

I long for that kind of faith. I long for that kind of unwavering belief in my LORD. I desire to be so in tune with Him that I listen and I hear and then I do what He says. 

I want my faith to be steadfast in the One who is FAITH. I want my faith to be grounded and solid and unmovable. 

When we get to places in our spiritual walks that are hard, it is imperative that we have a relationship with our Savior that enables us to trust in Him completely. If we don't have that intimacy with Him, there is absolutely no way we can make it through those times. If we don't spend time in the precious words of the bible, we don't stand a chance in those perilous times. We must be working diligently to cultivate an intense and personal and sweet relationship with Jesus. 

Our faith in Him is built up through our experiences with Him. When He has proved Himself faithful to us in areas of our lives, then we use those to draw back on and to remind ourselves of just how faithful He is! When He has done mighty works in our lives - and I will testify that He has done that in mine - all we have to do is remember those mighty works and believe that He will do it again. Because our God is an 'again' kind of God. 

When we find ourselves in the valley, we can know that we aren't alone there. Many times in the scriptures, God tells us that He will never leave us. Never forsake us. He will walk with us through the good and the bad times. So when we can't see our way out of those valleys, we can put our trust in the One who knows the way out. If we keep ourselves immersed in the Word, we can listen for His voice and follow Him to safety. 

As I find myself in a valley of sorts right now, I am keeping my faith in the One who is FAITH. I am leaning on the knowledge of the mighty works of the past that He has performed in my life and in the lives of my loved ones. I am relying on the promises that He gives me in the Holy Scriptures. I am depending on His guidance and listening for His voice to lead me. Because I know that He sees what I don't. He knows the end of the story. He knows the very minute when we will break out of the edge of the wilderness into the vast expanse of freedom.

When all I can see is the valley I am in, He see the mountaintop that I will be standing on one day.

Praise you sweet Jesus for that. Praise your Holy and mighty and awesome name. You are truly the author and finisher of my faith and I love you with all my heart.


Continued prayers for my sister, Cari, please. We meet with her oncologist today for results of some very important blood work and then we meet with her stem cell transplant doctor tomorrow and hopefully have a plan of action for the next step in the journey of faith.


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Beth, the first thing I thought about after reading your post today was a song I remembered from years and years ago. I could only remember the first line or two so looked it up. You may know it.

"In the Valley He Restoreth my Soul"
When I'm low in spirit I cry Lord lift me up
I want to go higher with Thee
But nothing grows high on a mountain
so He picked out a valley for me
He leads me beside still waters
somewhere in the valley below
He draws me aside to be tested and tried
in the valley He restoreth my soul

It's dark as a dungeon and the sun seldom shines
And I question Lord why must this be
Then He tells me there's strength in my sorrow
and there's victory in trials for me
Then He leads me beside still waters...
Down in the valley He restoreth my soul

NanaNor's said...

Dear Beth, Lifting you and your man before the Throne and also total and complete healing for Cari. Sending hugs, love and prayers to you today.

Nana Jul said...

Sweet sister...Keep reminding yourself of all He's already done...He's with you and for you...and you are absolutely right...He see's the mountain top with you on it! In my prayers sister, till you are on the other side!
Love, Julie