Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the much more in Jesus

One of the things that I love best about walking with Christ is that the journey just gets better and better.

Each step of the way brings a host of new and fabulous adventures with Jesus. As our journey progresses our steps become more determined and more purposed.

Our passion for Him burns hotter and brighter.

The further we venture from our beginnings and as we mature in Him, the closer we draw into that awesome intimacy with Christ. We ascend to a higher place with God.

We learn to tap into His mighty power through prayer and study.

As we dig deep into His Word we begin to develop a fuller, more comprehensive knowledge of God and His sovereignty. We come to know Him like never before. Our worship of Him just whets our appetite for more.

We fill ourselves up in the abundance of His sweet outpouring.

Bask in the comfort of His love embrace.

Find our place in the blessed assurance of His love and care.

And then,

We begin to experience the much more of God. The much more of His Spirit. The much more of His mercy. The much more of His grace.

Our soul starts to long for His presence. We yearn for the manifestation of that presence in our lives.

For His glory to fall on us.

For a mind-blowing, life-altering encounter with Jesus.

Our spirits are filled with expectancy and the abounding and abundant life that He promises in His Word.

We become lovers of God.

Seekers of Him.

Hungering and thirsting for the deep things.

Devouring His word.

Feasting on the bread of life.

Dining with Jesus.

Journeying with the Savior and savoring each step as He walks with us on the way.


Nana Jul said...

Oh yes and certainly put these words together beautifully! Exactly how I feel!
Love ya sister!

Debbie Petras said...

This was beautiful Beth and oh so true. I too desire the much more in Jesus. And it is only In Him that we can have much more that is lasting.

Blessings and love,