Monday, April 7, 2014

unshakable faith

"....and the man believed the word
that Jesus had spoken unto Him,
and he went his way."
(John 4:50)


I love the simplicity of this verse. The man believed the word that Jesus had spoken and he was satisfied. Our faith can be that simple because our God is that great! The scripture pretty much says, "God said it, so I believe it!"

What if we truly lived our lives like this always? What if we really 'got' the unlimited power that our God, our Creator, possesses? What if we understood?

In our humanity, we say, "Show me and I will trust you". But our God says, "Trust me and I will show you".

Trust must come before the miracle. We must come to a place of total belief in what God can do in our lives. He created us so certainly He can heal us! So, why do we continue to doubt? Why do we think that He can't mend what is broken when He is the One who formed us in the first place?

What has happened to our faith?  We are receiving little because we are believing little. Faith is necessary when we face the 'impossible'. When we come to Jesus in a desperate state, we must possess the faith that He can do the impossible in our situations. Our true blessing will come when we trust our God to do what only He can do. 

If we didn't think that He could, we wouldn't even ask. Deep down, we know that He can. But for some reason, we think He won't or can't do it for us. We don't have trouble believing in His miracles for others, but we seem to doubt that it is possible in our own lives. So, we come before Him, knowing He can, but we lay our requests at His Feet not really expecting anything. And so, that is what we get. Nothing.

So, how do we grow our Faith? By digging deep into His Word and coming face-to-face with His power. As we begin to study and grow in intimacy with Him, we will begin to know Him in ways we never thought possible. The more we know Him, the more we will trust Him and then our faith will begin to blossom and flourish. 

But rest assured, that our faith will be tested. If our faith is never tested, we will never know if it is genuine. An authentic faith can stand the purifying fire and emerge stronger and purer than before. 

If we never experience times of testing in our lives, we never have to fully rely on God. So, if there are never any trials to go through, how will we know the depth of our faith?

A faith that is tried is a faith that will overcome.

 A faith that overcomes when tested, is a faith that will continue to dig deep. 

And a faith that digs deep will take Jesus at His Word.

Faith is simply trusting and believing what the Word of God says.  As we seek Him and desire to draw closer and closer to Him in intimacy, we will begin to approach the throne of grace with eager expectation in our hearts. When we begin to be filled with an unquenchable spiritual hunger, we will be able to put our own names in that scripture with conviction of spirit and authentic, unshakable faith.

"... and Beth believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto her...." 




Elizabethd said...

This spoke to me. I have no problem with rejoicing in miracles that happen to others...but as you say, there is doubt in my mind as to whether I deserve a miracle.

Wanda said...

Beth, for some reason, I lost your connection to my blog list, and see your Daily Prayers, but sometimes blogs I follow slip through the cracks. I'll make sure I have you saved this time in my blog roll.

This by the way is a wonderful testimony to faith. Thanks for sharing.