Saturday, May 31, 2014

a hungry soul

His Spirit awakens me in the early hours of the morning.
My hungry soul is desperate for God.

I feel an intense longing deep within for a touch of His Spirit.
A persistent ache resides in my heart as I yearn for His Presence to manifest.

Oh, I how I need to feel His ministering touch. How I long deep inside for revelation of Truth from the hands of My Creator.

Speak to me, LORD! Show me Your Glory!

Make Yourself known to me down to the very marrow of my bones. 


Stir me up and cause a deep dissatisfaction to rise up within my spirit. One that will compel me to seek You. One that will propel me to lay at Your Feet. One that will cause me to continually long for more of you. 

Oh, how I want to be like You! The great I AM. The Creator of all things. The Giver of Life. Quicken my spirit, Oh God. Bring life to these dead bones. Revive me with the same breath that breathed out the stars in the sky.

Speak to me with the hushed whispers of a loving Father that contain Power and yet so gently caress. 

Come to me. Let me feel you in an unmistakable encounter. Free me... so you can use me.

I want to be like you, Lord. I strive to be Holy. Christ-like. Pure.

Let the Scriptures astound me and spur me on to obedience. I sit still before You. Patiently waiting for a glimpse of Your Glory. Seeking to know you deeper. Craving a new intimacy with the Author of my life. I close my eyes in anticipation of a mighty and powerful move of God.

You are Here. You speak and You move and I hear Your Voice. Oh, how glorious is Your Name, Oh LORD!

My soul settles down as I feel the ministering touch of Your Hand. Peace floods my soul. Comfort washes over me. Deep satisfaction of spirit begins to fill me as I know I have been where You are. My soul has found rest and for the moment it is deeply satiated with the provision of today's encounter.  

Fill me with the sweetness of who You are. May I glory in Your Name. 

Who is like You, Oh Lord? There is none greater. Only You can speak life. Only You can breathe life into existence. 

My hungry soul has tasted of you and is full. Only You can fill the spirit with completeness.
I have a resting place in the shadow of Your wings and for now I sleep under Your covering.

You alone, Oh Lord, can satisfy....


Denise said...

Simply.....Me too :)

Nana Jul said...

Beautiful heart seeking more of her God! Faithfully awaiting the presence of her Lord...the Lover of her soul. I'm there. Free me... so you can use me. Oh how we need to be freed daily! My hungry soul has tasted of you and is full. Because we have tasted His leaves us desiring more of HIM!
Beautiful Beth! Thank you!

Barbara said...

Amen Beth, awesome, Oh how I love Jesus.