Sunday, March 1, 2015

God working in Nicaragua

It's our third morning to wake up in Nicaragua and we have 23 more to go. It's hot here and the sun is intense but we are very thankful for a nice breeze during the daytime! We have already seen the Lord work in ways that only God our Creator can do!

We are doing several different things while we are here. Our first few days have been spent in the home of our interpreter that we met in December.  Sigard and his wife are family now and have blessed us immeasureably. We came here with the funds to bless a needy church. A church that needed a roof finished, a wall built and concrete for the floor. We spent 5 hours yesterday purchasing the materials and working out details with the Pastor and  one of his workers. It was such a joyful time as we see the humility of Pastor Francisco and how truly grateful he is for what we can do. Truth is that even with the improvements we are helping them make, the church looks nothing like we would expect in America. We wouldn't want to worship in a building like it and that is a pitiful fact. What we can't express to you in written words is how precious the worship is in the church. The Spirit of the Lord is so present there! We enter in with joy and gladness and are filled to overflowing in Him. The sad truth is that we are spoiled. Help us, Lord.

We met another Pastor on Friday. Pastor Nelson has a church here in Vera Cruz and we stopped in to visit him. He shared the churches need with us as well as his vision for the church. The Lord immediately impressed upon Jimbo and I that we could help. Or rather that we were going to help. The Lord had blessed us with a monetary gift that we needed for our own finances, but instead we were able to use this to purchase bars for the church windows, a door and enough concrete, sand and gravel to cover the dirt floor.  It truly blessed our hearts to see the love and gratitude the Pastor had when we told him what the Lord wanted to do. We are excited to see God work. We were able to speak and preach last night at their church service and they had a full house. Their people had such a reverance for church and prayer and worship. We were blessed abundantly! We will be be doing bible school for the kids when we come back this fall.

We will be at Villa Holland tonight and then tomorrow we head out for the remote area of Bluefields. Keep us in your prayers and pray that God continue to work through us and in us!

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Elizabethd said...

It is wonderful to think of the joy of the Lord shining even in such primitive buildings.