Friday, April 16, 2010

the beauty God created

The beauty of God surrounds me.

The trees are clapping their hands.
The flowers are dancing in the wind.
The leaves frolic as they sway in the breeze.

God's creation astounds me. He astounds me!

His presence is evident in all creation.
Everywhere I look, the splendor of the Lord abounds.

In the heavens and the earth.
In the sun and the moon.

The rivers flow and joyfully sing the praises of God.
The wind blows and eagerly shouts Hallelujah to the Lord!

The thunder applauds and the lightning boldly
declares the majesty of the King.

Lift up your eyes and behold the creator.
Give honor to the One who sits above
the circle of the earth.
The One who dwells in the heavens.

The One who spoke the world into existence
by His mere breath.

The beauty of the Lord causes the heavens to rejoice.
The earth to sing its gladness.
The fields to shout with joy.

Oh, worship the Lord and give glory to His Name.
The Maker of the stars.
The Giver of life.
Keeper of eternity.
Everlasting God.
Creator of all.

"I have made the earth,
And created man on it.
I - My hands - stretched out
the heavens,
And all their host I have commanded"
(Isaiah 45:12)


Oh, precious Lord. Thank you for the beauty of Your creation. You blow my mind with every aspect of who You are. All creation was born out of the breath of your mouth. You spoke the very stars into existence. You are mighty and powerful and everywhere I look, I see the work of your Hands. I am awestruck by the magnitude of the universe and the fact that you hand painted each square inch of it. Help me to be ever mindful of your majesty. Ever mindful of your sovereignty. Let me never forget that You are God and that You are all I need.



Angel Muly said...

Absolutely beautiful, as usual. Believing we can all focus on His power and strength and know that He is all we need. Thanks for the reminder!! Love, Angel

Anonymous said...

Beth, you have blessed me this morning with the Word of God, with His majesty. He is God and what a God He is.
loving you, ~ linda

Misty said...

You know, Beth, what absolutely astounds me is that while God created everything else by merely saying it, He created man with His hands. To know that each and every one of us - including this baby growing inside of me - literally has the fingerprints of God on us...isn't that amazing?!? I hear my son laughing, I feel baby girl kicking and moving, and I breathe in again the awesomeness of each day's blessings. Thank you for blessing me with these beautiful pictures and wonderful words. He is SO good! :)

Beth in NC said...

I love your post Beth. I worship as I look at the beauty around me as well. He alone is worthy of praise.

Bless you friend,

GrammyGoo said...

Psalms:35:9: And my soul shall be joyful in the LORD: it shall rejoice in his salvation.

I love your posts Beth!
Hugs, Ella

Irritable Mother said...

Beth, I was on an airplane Tuesday and as I looked down from the sky I couldn't help but marvel again at the 'big-ness' of God, and the 'small-ness' of me. I considered how small I am on the earth, and how much smaller in the entire universe.
And YET, God knows every detail about me. He knows what I need.
Yes, He does!
My mind cannot contain how big, how amazing our God is.
And because of everything I don't know and cannot comprehend, I am compelled to praise Him more!

Ah, thank you for leading me to re-thinking these thoughts. *grin*

Sassy Granny ... said...

Nature is such a tenacious evangelizer! You've given it a beautiful voice in your poetry, and in so doing both you and it bring glory to the Lord.


Nana Jul said...

Your post makes me want to shout Hallelujah thank you Jesus!! And at the same time bow down before Him in complete AWE of Him.
You have the gift of painting beautiful pictures in words of our Awesome God! Glorious!
Thank you Beth!!
Love you,

Stacey Dawn said...

Such a beautiful image - and yes - God's beauty and the nature He created for us to enjoy does astound me. Happy weekend to you!

Anonymous said...

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Lynda Young said...

This is a beautful post. I love to praise our Lord. I love to see Him everywhere.

prashant said...

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