Saturday, April 10, 2010


Layers -
peeled back
gently exposing
what lies beneath.

Old hurts.
long ago wounds...
things of the the past.

Present afflictions.
Today's problems.

Things to be dealt with -
areas of bondage,
rusted chains that bind.
Layers -
peeled back
to remind me.

Of burdens
already placed
at the foot of the Cross.

Never to be picked up again.

Things erased.
Slates wiped clean.
Transgressions forgotten.

He is telling me that
I have been forgiven.
Showing me
I need to let go.

Allowing me to see
the generous grace
He has already
poured out to me.

To see the
Lavish Love
He has so
bestowed on me.

The river of mercy
that flows from
His Throne
and continuously
covers me.

I see unworthiness.
He sees my worth.

I see my sin.
He see His Son's blood.

Slowly He replaces
the layers and I see...

I see the power of the Cross.
I see the redemption
 offered by
the Perfect Lamb
the Messiah.
the Son of God.

The freedom I can grasp hold
of through Jesus.

The past remains there.
Yesterdays are all laid at His feet.
Covered by His blood.
Redeemed through His sacrifice.

Now, I see the hope of tomorrow.
The promise of life eternal.
My worth.

Layer after layer contain,

Layer after layer of
Mercy and Grace.

Now peeled back, they
lovingly expose
only one thing.

The One and Only.



Andrea said...

Amazed by HIS mercy and grace,

Nana Jul said...

Beautiful Beth! Today, I found myself worn, and exposed, broken...but holding onto the hem of His Robe...Long week...rusty chains showing up from Long ago..Lord thank you for seeing me as and restored!
Thank you for showing your POWER today!
Thank you Beth for prayers!

Heart2Heart said...


Great post. I too often find God still peeling back the layers I have built up myself allowing myself not only to be protected from being hurt but inadvertently allowing love to come inside as well.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Addicted to The Click said...

Great reminding words...

Alleluiabelle said... beautiful sweet friend. Your words always touch me deeply in some form and fashion.

...Yes Yes Yes...Jesus. The One and Only.

Glory to You Lord!

I love you my friend.


Yolanda said...

I'm so thankful Miss Beth, that I can truly, honestly, and faithfully take God at His word. And is finished. Either I believe all that He says, or I believe none of it. I AM CHOOSING TO BELIEVE ALL.

With love and affection,

Sonja said...

Beautifully said Beth! 'the layers peeled back'... that is His process, and we see glimpses of who He is, and then He removes some more and we see more clearly.
Thanks God He is never finished with us!!

I loved this... looks like book material to me...

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, Valerie is a sweet lady. I am so glad you were able to meet her in Houston too. Your grandchildren are precious!! Love & blessings from NC!

angelonwheels said...

I have no words! So beautiful, powerful, true, thank you!

prashant said...

Great post. I too often find God still peeling back the layers
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