Tuesday, October 12, 2010

breathe on me...

"And when he had said this, he breathed on them,
and saith unto them,
Receive ye the Holy Ghost"
(John 20:22)

Breathe on me sweet Holy Spirit.

With a cleansing breath,
a healing breath,
a restoring breath.

Breathe on me with the power given by the Father.

Manifested by His Glorious presence.

The mighty breath of God sending forth the winds
of refreshment to my needy soul.

Bringing strength and power.

Falling down fresh upon me in a wave of
abundant mercy and sovereign grace.

Lighting on my spirit with new revelation.

I close my eyes and lift my face toward heaven.
I breathe in the tantalizing aroma of a thrice Holy God.

I inhale His sweetness and my senses are assailed
with a deep awareness of His omnipotence.

It enhances the depth of my love for Him.

It fills every part of me with a deepening longing
for His touch.

I sense His presence.
I feel His love.
I taste His goodness.
I hear His voice.

Breathe on me sweet Holy  breath of God.

Cleanse me.
Heal me.
Restore me.

Overwhelm me with the reality of your Godness.

Astound me with your magnificent glory.

Delight me with your beauty.

Breathe on me sweet Holy Spirit.

"While Peter yet spake these
words, the Holy Ghost fell on all
them which heard the word."
(Acts 10:44)


Edie said...

Breathe on me breath of God.
Fill me with life anew. ~ Amy Carmichael

Anonymous said...

Lovely post and filled with praise to the Most High God


Jackie said...

Oh yes, Spirit of God....Breathe on me!!

Bless you for sharing this!

Also, I was reminded today of how miraculously God moved on behalf of both of our daughters - Melissa and Katie and intervened in their lives and raised them up! I'm sharing Katie's miracle in a guest post linked from my site if you'd like to read it! You and I can certainly testify of the awesome miracle working power of our amazing God, can't we, Sister!!



Gail W. said...

Hi Beth! I hopped over from Lisa Shaw's place. I'm happy I found you! Thank you for these sweet words. I felt a lift in my soul in the reading. Blessings to you and yours!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

yes and amen!
As I read this I remember a service years of the more wealthy women in the congregation had a word from the Lord to empty her perfume before Him as an offering. She gently went through the congregation spraying out the perfume...not bring attention to herself..we were all blessed as we realized her sign of obedience...her offering
Blessings and thanks for stopping by my post today, and if a it!

NanaNor's said...

I say Yes again and again and echo Amy's quote.
Beth your posts just always minister to me my sister and I thank the Father, Son and Spirit for pouring forth His oil and anointing on you.
Hugs & love.

LisaShaw said...

Amen! Yes, breathe on me Holy Spirit and fill me up with all of YOU.



Nana Jul said...

Holy Spirit breathe on me!!
What a blessing to walk to the inner santuary with you thru your beautiful post!
It just takes me there!!
Holy Spirit Fall fresh on us!
Love you!

Sonya Lee Thompson said...

Breathe on me, Holy Spirit new every morning. Loved this post!

angelonwheels said...

I sense this maybe one of your Life Themes Beth! Beautiful!