Monday, March 21, 2011

Come Holy Spirit...

I felt the Holy Spirit nudging me and felt a real tugging at my heart. I was nestled comfortably in my favorite spot on the love seat and was deep in the Word when the Lord began beckoning me to His House. I got up and walked across the parking lot and entered the darkened sanctuary.

Silence. Peace. I felt the presence of God the minute I passed through the doors. Sweet goosebumps settled on my neck and my arms. I whispered, 'He is here...' I made my way to the altar and sat on the steps in the cloak of darkness. The only light on was the one in the baptistry.

I could hear the water running and I smiled to myself at the significance of it. Salvation. Precious souls giving their lives fully to Christ. Thank you, Lord, for drawing those sweet people to you and for your amazing grace.

As I sat in the stillness, I could feel the powerful presence of God settling over me. His presence was so sweet. The Spirit was so heavy and so thick in the room. Almost stifling. I began praying for the services the next day. Praying that the Holy Spirit be evident to each person walking through those doors. I prayed for God to overwhelm us. Astound us. Fill us with unspeakable joy and allow praise to overflow from our lips.

My favorite preacher walked in from checking the water in the baptistry and we sat in the quiet together. We soaked in the glory of the Lord as it invaded the entire sanctuary. The silence was deafening. In it there was peace, comfort and sweet whispers of the Holy Spirit.

As we prayed together for ourselves and for the collective body of Christ in our church, our hearts cried out in unison for a mighty work to begin in each of us. That our revival would never end and that the fire that has been ignited in us and is consuming us still, burn forever.

We finished praying and just sat in the stillness of the moment. Basking in the awesome goodness of our God. Savoring the sweet aroma of His presence. Reveling in the knowledge that He loves us.  Jesus loves us....

Come Holy Spirit. Come and do your thing in our midst! Assault us with your presence. Blow us away with your power. Do a mighty work in our lives and service like never before.

"And suddenly there came a sound from heaven
as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled
all the house where they were sitting"
Acts 2:2


Sassy Granny ... said...

Soaking in His presence ... What could be better, or more needful? So precious.

Oh how I pray that our deepest longing would be for more of that, and less of everything else.


Cherie Hill said...

WOW sister . . . what an incredible experience with God. As I began to read, I began to pray that the Holy Spirit would pour down into my own life, so that I might radiate the glory of God to others. Thank you for this post . . . it has filled me with joy.
Love and prayers,

Barbara said...

Wow I could feel his presence as I read your post, what a powerful message is in this, and how wonderful is the Holy Spirit as he comes to us, and as we be still and wait on the message from God, what a wonderful feeling this is, God bless you sweet sister, and I do pray that Revival will start in my heart also, and that we can all bring honor and glory to the name of Jesus.

Andrea said...

Thank you for another beautiful post! I am truly blessed when I come here!

Thank your for your prayers, love, and encouragement.


Wanda said...

Oh Beth, how you make me miss our Church up North that we ministered in for 27 years. We lived in the parsonage next door, and many times I found myself in the Sanctuary seeking His presence.

Being retired is good, but those blessing of praying over your family and congregation are priceless.

Thanks for the memories that are dear to my heart.

Nancy said...

There's nothing like the sweet and overpowering presence of God when we come alone to be with Him. My prayer is for many, many people to come and find the salvation God offers as you continue your services. May this move of God never end.

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweet sister, When I began to read your post, just at the beginning I so sensed His presence in your words and I too got goosebumps and then to read this. Awe-so amazing is His love. I echo Kathleen, Cherie, Barbara as well in wanting more of Him.
Hugs to you today. I've got to write you-it is overdue.
Love, Noreen

Lynda R Young said...

Our Lord is wonderful! This is such a beautiful post

Yaya Yarns said...

Yes Father, ..."Come Holy Spirit. Come and do your thing in our midst! Assault us with your presence. Blow us away with your power. Do a mighty work in our lives and service like never before."...

\o/ AMEN \o/

Saleslady371 said...

I've had those moments in the sanctuary and they are the best! His presence is sweet.

Nana Jul said...

And suddenly....He filled the house..Come sweet Jesus,and do your thing! I love when suddenly He comes..and you know, you just know..He's got your back...He's got your front..He's your shield, refuge, and strong tower...and NOTHING is too hard for the LORD!
The stillness is life...breathing into our burdened souls..come sweet Jesus. How awesome Beth!!

ML said...

The Holy Spirit IS awesome...

Thank you for your post.