Friday, March 11, 2011

open thy mouth wide...

"I am the LORD thy God, which brought
thee out of the land of Egypt;
open thy mouth wide, and
I will fill it" (Psalm 81:10)

I am nourished, yet hungry.
Satisfied, but lacking.

My soul yearns for more.
My heart desires to be further enlightened.

I seek....

I dive into the Holy Scriptures frantically,
wanting a Word. Needing a Word.

Craving deep revelation to my soul.
Opening my mouth wide and praying
that He will fill it.

I devour the Bread of Life with urgency.

I fill my soul with the awesome Word of God.

Seeking to know.  Seeking to find. Seeking....

I glory in His Name. Bask in His Word.

Satiate my spirit, O God, with only You.

Breathe in my prayer, Oh, Lord, like a sweet aroma
and exhale your sweet Spirit to cover me.

As I feel your presence wrap around me with
sweet comfort, I marvel at Your goodness.

I stand in awe of Your power and majesty.

I glory in Your embrace. I thirst and hunger for more.

I am longing for a deep filling of Your Spirit. I turn
my eyes toward heaven, hands lifted high. Arms
open to receive.. mouth open wide. 

 Fill me Lord.


Barbara said...

Amen sister, God sure has filled my mouth, and keeps filling it, his word is oh so true, if we only accept it, and claim his promises.
Hugs dear, Barbara

Faith Imagined said...

Reading this makes me want to go read my Bible! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Nana Jul said...

Isn't the LORD the BEST!! The hunger, the thirst, the filling, the want for more of HIM...(I love this) Breathe in my prayer, Oh, Lord, like a sweet aroma and exhale your sweet Spirit to cover me.
It's hear what He has to say to us today!
Love ya sista!

BECKY said...

His mercies are new every morning and His love our safe haven.

Loved reading this Beth...simply beautiful and so inspiring!
Have a joyful Lord's day!
Love n hugs,

Wanda said...

Beth ~ Welcome to Daily Prayer Blog. I've just been reading your previous posts, and you have a beautiful spirit and blog.

I am also a fan of Beth Moore, and just started one of her studies, "A Heart Like His" with a group of women.

Another thing we have in common is I've been married to my Preacher Husband, 50 years come June. We just retired from 47 years of ministry, and moved to Southern CA to be close to our children and grandchildren.

You have a beautiful family! Praise God for another Christian friend. Looking forward to seeing you on the Daily Prayer Blog.

Love and Hugs

Rebecca said...

Oh, Beth! How your words express MY heart! More of You, Jesus!

Nancy M. said...