Thursday, August 25, 2011

what a week

This has been an amazing week. It started out with the miraculous birth of my 7th grandchild. A precious, beautiful, angelic baby girl. She entered this world with a head full of dark hair and a dimple on her chin, stole all of our hearts and is quickly wrapping every one of us around her darlin' little fingers. I am blown away by her each time I lay eyes on her. She is perfection.

She has certainly done a number on her big brother Bryton. He thinks she is the best thing ever! He wants to hold her all the time and just can't quit looking at her and touching her little fingers and her little feet. He is so sweet with her. Sawyer loves her as well, but he isn't quite as enamored with her as Bryton is. She is one blessed little girl to have two big brothers to look after her.

I was able to spend some time enjoying those precious boys this week while their parents were in the hospital with their new little sister. We played in the water to try and cool off in the 100+ degree weather. Thank you, Lord for little pools and sprinklers! And for little boys!


I am getting to enjoy time with Melissa this week. She is between semesters at BU and so she was able to fly home for her niece's birth and spend some time with her family as well. We miss her a lot and Boston is a long way from home, but I am thankful that she is happy with what she is doing right now.

I have spent much time holding this sweet slice of heaven...


I managed to find time to sit on my back patio and sip some great coffee while eating the bread of life. I also added to my '1000 gifts' journal.

I've been studying how God's name used to be so revered!  The people wouldn't even say the name "YHWH" because God was so respected and reverenced they didn't feel like they could even utter His name.  Instead they used the Hebrew word for 'the Name' which was "Hashem". I love that! Oh, that we would reverence Him like that today!!
Laylah didn't have her eyes open very many times this week, but today I managed to get a picture of these gorgeous eyes while she had them open for just a little while. 


I've experienced God's goodness and faithfulness this week in a mighty way. He is always so loving and He is always so present in our lives that sometimes we forget to be thankful. I am so grateful to my Father in heaven who has bestowed me with mercy and grace to overflowing.


I am really missing my daughter and 4 grandbabies while they are in Pennsylvania working. I love to talk to them on the phone, but it just makes me want to wrap my arms around them in a big way! Oh, how I miss my babies!! Mikaela, Eli, Mercie and Silas need to come home!!

I am just basking in God's abundance tonight. He supplies all our needs and He is more than enough...


"From the rising of the sun unto the going down
of the same the LORD's name is to be praised"
(Psalm 113:3)


Andrea said...


Elizabethd said...

What a sweetie! You must be having such an enjoyable time with her!

ElissaM said...

what a beautiful granddaughter and grandsons! CongratS! The boys remind me of my older glad you play with them and enjoy their "boyhood!" What a great Nana!

Barbara said...

She is so beautiful, thanks for sharing your children with us, they all are great, and God has indeed blessed your family, like ours all are healthy and beautifully made, when God's hand is on it, it is always good. Have a blessed weekend.

Nancy said...

I'm so glad to see the pictures of sweet little Laylah. She is so beautiful. I love her tiny bow mouth. I'm sure spending time with her and the boys was worth all of the wait. Congratulations on such a happy occasion.

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Nana Jul said...

I love the tidbits you include like Hashem "the Name" written on your coffee mug next to your thankful list... Princess Laylah is darling!! she's gonna look like her Mommy! Praising the Lord with ya sister...He is soooooo Good, and i am so thankful!
Love ya

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Beth, what a JOY! congrats! on that beautiful baby girl! You have the most beautiful family I have ever seen! All of the pics are so precious! Thanking God w/you for His Deliverence of one of His Miracles for you to enjoy! She is fearfully and wonderfully made:) Have a great wk~end1