Wednesday, August 31, 2011

has God hugged you today?

Have you received a hug from the Lord lately? There is nothing quite as amazing as a holy hug from our almighty God. His embrace extends beyond what we can imagine. His love exceeds all other love. A hug from God is right at your fingertips... you just have to open your eyes to see.
I got the biggest hug from God on Sunday as my newest little granddaughter made her first trip to Sunday School and church at 6 days of age. There is no place better to take your little ones than to the house of God.

I got a big hug from God the other day when Bryton walked over to the church with me one afternoon. We had walked in the sanctuary and I told him to remember that we couldn't run in the church because it was God's House. He stopped and looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Nana, I didn't know that God lived here!" 

God gave me a huge hug Sunday as Bryton put on his papa's glasses and then looked at my small globe for about an hour trying to find out where papa was going in Africa and where we lived in comparison. He then wanted to see where Melissa 'lived' when she was in Africa and where papa and I go in Nicaragua. I love that boy!

I always get a big hug from God when I spend time with these 2 precious boys. Sawyer and Bryton just brighten up any day and I am so thankful that I was blessed by God to be their Nana.  I have the best 7 grandchildren in the world....


I was wrapped in a HUGE embrace from God today as we were watching the boys play and all of the sudden Sawyer looked up at Ashlie and said, "I so happy Mama"... If that doesn't make you feel God's arms around you nothing will...

I felt a hug from God today as I was studying His Word and as I read the Psalms, I came across a few verses that I had highlighted a while back that just really spoke to my heart today.

"For ever, O LORD, thy Word is settled
in heaven. Thy faithfulness is unto all generations;
thou hast established the earth, 
and it abideth.
(Psalm 119:89-90)

So very thankful that God's Word is eternal! It stands firm in the heavens and His faithfulness is forever. 


I felt a big hug from God when me and my sweet fella were holding our sweet little Laylah Beth on Sunday. She is just a fresh breath from heaven and I thank God for new life.

Watching little Laylah sleep? Big hug....

I take a look around and I see things all over that are just tight embraces from God. My husband, my children and my grandchildren. My church family. A wonderful place to worship and a great place to live. My mom and my sister and brother. Life. Health. God's Word. Friends. The amazing presence of God in my life. The Holy Spirit. Salvation. Grace. Mercy. 

The list is endless. Each day God reaches down from heaven and wraps His mighty arms around me and hugs me. I am learning to view each second of my day as a precious gift and learning to feel His presence in each moment. He is amazing and wonderful and fills me with awestruck wonder at His goodness. I am blessed beyond measure. ..


Elizabethd said...

'each second of my day is a precious gift'.
Yes, Beth, that is so true, and I pray that I never forget it.

NanaNor's said...

Beth, What a wonderful post-you made me look at these blessings totally different. I feel a hug from Him when I visit here sweet friend.
Love, Noreen

Barbara said...

Yes amen He has hugged me in so many ways lately, thank you for this lovely post Beth, and for the love you have for our dear lord.
Be blessed, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Wow! I really enjoy your blog - Jesus is all over it - the refreshing, beautiful purity of Jesus and His Spirit - thank you for sharing your life and shining for HIM!! I am a new 'follower'...Blessings ~ Alice :>)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful words, Beth. Each picture tells your story of how He hugs you. Maybe you should make the 'words picture' permanant part of your blog; perhaps on the side?
Love & hugs,

p.s.-My daughter gave me that same pink coffee cup :)

Jennifer @ said...

Holy Hugs! That is way cool! I love it, Beth. I got holy-hugged tonight by THE most gorgeous sunset ever!

Anonymous said...


Aliene said...

God sends us so many hugs during each day. Just remembering some sweet thing someone said can be a hug.
You have beautiful grandchildren.

Miriam said...

Beth, sweet friend! Please check out my new blog! Please give some pointers on how to make mine a lovely blog too :)
Love & hugs,

Warren Baldwin said...

We really can find God whereever we look for him, and there is no better place to look than in our own family. Great post.

The Old Geezer said...

Sunday School and church will never be the same again! And I mean that in a good way :-)

God bless you Sister Beth


angelonwheels said...

She is Beautiful! The Lord has been hugging on my through Children as well!