Tuesday, April 17, 2012

just be REAL

God never ceases to amaze me at how He  is always at work in my life. It doesn't matter where He has me in my bible reading and study, He always has an experience waiting on me to reinforce what He is teaching me in His Word. His Word is timeless and His Word is ageless. Oh, how I love the Holy Scriptures. They are life to me.

As my sweet Lord has me deep in the pages of James at this time in my scripture study, I have been experiencing the truth written in the book like never before. The wonderful book of James is full of power. It is straight forward in its writing as to how we as believers should be living our life. It's about our Faith having action. It's about making sure that when we say we desire to minister to others that we truly minister in deed and not just in words. 

My husband I were blessed this past weekend to provide housing for 6 beautiful women from a faith-based rehabilitation program. They were in our little town to attend a Ladies Conference that I was blessed to be part of. When I was first approached about providing a place for them to stay from Friday to Sunday, I was a little hesitant. I was very busy preparing for my part in the conference and knew that things would be hectic around my house. It just wasn't a good time. But as I hesitated for just a split second, God spoke..

He quietly whispered to my heart..."Are you in this to minister or not".  As I felt His Spirit speaking to me, I was reminded of the scriptures that I had been memorizing and was trying to hide deep into my heart. 

 "If one of you says to them,  "Go in peace; keep warm and be well fed," 
but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it?"
(James 2:17)

I was so honored to be part of  'For REAL Ministries' and here I was presented with the perfect opportunity to be REAL. To put my faith into action. To make a difference in someone's life. And I hesitated? Oh my goodness, the conviction just fell on me and I immediately said I would be more than happy to let them stay at my house.

I cannot tell you how blessed my husband and I were by the presence of those 6 amazing women in our home. They were gracious and kind and had the sweetest spirits. Brand new Christians with a new outlook on their life because of what Jesus had done inside of them. They shared their stories with us and broke my heart. They showed us the side of life that we forget exists or that we never take the time to find out about. But they also showed us that when God swoops in and touches your life, you are most assuredly a new creation. They shined for Jesus inside and out and it just ministered to me abundantly. The book of James had become a reality in my life and it felt so wonderful.

I love how God ordains certain events in our lives at just the right time. His time is always the best time. He knows just when we need a life lesson to be dropped right into our laps. He knows what will be most effective and what will have the most impact on us. I am so thankful that I allowed the precious Holy Spirit to lead me that day. If I had ignored His Voice and done my own thing, I would have missed a certain God moment in my spiritual walk.

 May I never put my own desires over God's desires. Sweet Jesus, don't let me miss the Glory!

(Thank you Jessica, Jordan, Kellie, Tiffany, Chara, and Brittney! I love you girls!!!)

(For REAL Ministries)


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

How wonderful ! You always inspire me to stretch and do more in my spiritual life!

Nana Jul said...

Oh...that's just like God! To put the opportunity right out in front of you like that! What a great testimony of walking out the scriptures :)!! You all look so sassy in your cute T's! Love it!
I love that you walked the were His hands and feet :)
Love you

Every Day Blessings said...

What an awesome opportunity for you. I am glad that you were able to house the ladies and speak.
For Bible Study Fellowship We just finished James today and it was challenging in so many ways. Great Stuff

Anonymous said...

Powerful moment with God. So easily we can ignore such, yet oh, what we miss! I am so grateful to have come by tonight as you have ministered to my heart, sweet friend.
loving you, ~ linda

Terri Tiffany said...

Your story blessed me. It also made me remember when I was more open to doing as God leads. We once hosted a group of Christian college kids whose van broke down. HUGE wonderful time. Today I find myself more worried about my own life and not seeking to serve. Thank you.