Saturday, May 26, 2012

do you hear the call?

A calling is an invitation from God. One that He doesn't force us to accept.  God lovingly invites us to embrace the plans that He has ordained for us and it is up to us whether or not we accept his offer. 

Now, when we are believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ, we certainly have a call on our lives. But we aren't focusing on the original call of salvation here. We are focusing on the unique calling to each of us that is more personal in nature. Once we have accepted Christ as our Savior, He puts a new call on our lives. One that we have to actually determine in our own minds that we desire to follow. We are going to look at the call to be a pastor's wife, a music minister's wife, a Sunday school teacher or a missionary.  There are many areas that God calls us to. His desire is for us to be busy about His kingdom and we accomplish that through our very unique and personal callings.

There are times that God calls us for a specific purpose for a specific season. And only God has the authority to override a call on our lives by sending us in a different direction. He may have called someone to be a Pastor of a church and then years later changes that call to one of evangelism or possibly to one of missionary work.  But we have to remember that only God has the right or the ability to lead us from one area of service to another. Man doesn't possess the authority to do this. God calls us and only God can change the call.

Our calling can lead us out of our comfort zones. In fact it usually does. God calls us to a place of service not to be comfortable but to be fully reliant on Him for all of our needs and all of our direction. He leads us into new territory so we realize the need we have to be totally dependent upon Him.

Our callings can leave us feeling insecure and inadequate. Especially when the unexpected pops up.  But that is when God shows us that we have to be focused on Him and that we have to be constantly
looking to Him for our direction and for our security. Whatever God calls us to do, He will equip us with the ability we need to undertake the task. What He desires from us the most is our availability and our willingness to go wherever He leads. He desires for our hearts to be fully surrendered to Him. When we come to the point of full submission to our God, the rest is so easy.

We need to choose to see our calling as a huge blessing instead of a burden. God calls us because we are:

1. chosen
2. called to bring light to the world.
3. called to serve
4. called to fellowship with Jesus.

Our call is dynamic - it doesn't always stay the same. We must be ever listening to His voice so that we can make sure we follow wherever He is leading.  He wants us to have peace in our ministry. He wants us to seek Him so that we KNOW Him.

"There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries"
(Daniel 2:28)

God is faithful to help us live worthy of our calling. He empowers us. He created us for a purpose that is specific to us and He wants us to succeed!  We need to strive to be the woman of God that He called us to be and not to be looking at the calling or ability of others. We need to be who God designed us to be. Our purpose is ours alone. We have to focus on what God expects of us and not on what others expect of us. Our identity begins and ends in Christ. Our seasons of life change but our identity in Him does not. We just need to cling to the promises of His Word.

Embrace the call of God in your life. It is unique and specific from the very Hands of our very mighty God. He has called us each for a purpose and we need to be passionate in our pursuit of Him. He is worthy.


Michele said...

So Beautifully said.


KISSES, and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you!!!!

Pearl 13.1

John said...

Beautiful post, bless your heart. :) I heard the call 12 years ago. Praise His holy name. Please pray that I will ever be obedient to that call.

Nana Jul said...

I love the fact that He equips us and empowers us to live out our call. Looking for Him in each day..each step of the way to be All we need.
If we know we are walking in our calling...we won't need to compare or measure ourselves by anyone elses standards...Only His.
Love it Beth!
He is Worthy!