Tuesday, May 15, 2012

there is such power in the Word

As I sit in my study anticipating sweet fellowship with my LORD, 
I feel the stirring of the Holy Spirit deep within my heart.

I want intimate time with Jesus. I need intimate time with Him. 
I crave to be in His Presence. I can't think of anyplace I'd
rather be than in sweet communion with my LORD.

I think about all that Jesus is to me, and it just overwhelms me. He
is Lord, Master, Savior, Redeemer.

He is my Healer. My counselor. My protector.

He is my comforter and my peace-giver.

As I begin to focus on all the things that God is in my life,
I realize that He wants to be so much more. He wants
 to fill me to overflowing! He desires for all of us to
life an abundant and full life that comes from His 
precious Hand of provision.

He desires to inhabit the very praise that bubbles forth from
within us. He wants to be our all-in-all. Our fulfillment.
Our hope and our faith. God longs to be the One that
completes who we are.

As God's WORD is spread out before me, I reverently
place my hands on the scriptures and close my eyes.
I can feel the power that is contained in this God-breathed
book burn beneath my fingers and it astounds me. I am humbled
by the amazing privilege it is to own this Holy book. May 
I never pick it up without reverence. 

Oh, God, allow the perfection of Your WORD to flow
into me and take root. Allow the power of the Holy,
inspired, written WORD to permeate to the very
depths of my being. May Your Holy breath emanate 
from the pages of the scriptures. Oh, Father, let
the WORD convict my heart and pierce deep to awaken
my senses to the intense power and truth of it.

Allow the WORD to change me. To draw me. May I encounter You,
oh God, like never before. 

I sit before Him and prepare myself to listen for His voice. I 
open my heart wide to receive whatever my Lord is desiring 
to teach me. May my spirit be teachable and receptive and may my life
be forever changed. 

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Marilyn in Mississippi said...

"I am humbled by the amazing privilege it is to own this Holy book. May I never pick it up without reverence." ....this is my prayer for myself also Beth!