Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Opposed? Oppressed? Pray...

Have you every felt the direct opposition of the enemy? Have you experienced the heavy oppression that accompanies that threat? 

Our enemy, the devil, is always on the prowl. In fact, the Holy Word of God tells us that very thing. 1 Peter 5:8 (NLT) says, "Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour."

The very real truth in our lives is that the enemy is constantly creeping around looking for ways to oppose us. Looking for ways to oppress us. Looking for ways to sneak into our lives and create problems.

All he needs is a simple crack or crevice and he has a way to get a foothold. And once he gets that foothold, it will be a battle to unarm him from all the ammunition we ourselves have given him! We have to begin defeating the enemy before this happens. 

We need to stay in the Word so that we can keep ourselves armed with the sword of the Spirit. The Holy scriptures are full of battle plans. His Word is filled with strengthening and will build up our confidence and our trust in the Lord when we keep ourselves in it.

In Nehemiah 4:9, we see that the people were faced with opposition from the devil. The first thing Nehemiah  did was to pray. And then he took a plan of action and put it to work. He set up a watch day and night against the enemy. What a huge lesson for us to learn from him. Our first line of defense has always got to be prayer. Always!

Too many times we neglect our prayer lives and the evidence of it can be found in our defeated lives. Fall at His Feet! Cry out! Pour your heart out to God and He will listen to your petition. Consistency in our prayer lives is the key to defeating the enemy. We have to stay prayed up. We have to stay in constant communication with the Lord. It will give us strength in our weariness. It builds up our confidence in the midst of fear. It is the most important part of our defensive stance against the wiles of the enemy.

The enemy doesn't wear out easily so we have to keep ourselves filled up and fortified in the WORD. If we want to be unshaken, it is imperative that we do what it takes to remain steadfast and sure of His power. The only way to do that is through prayer and bible study. Renewing our confidence in God. Reminding ourselves of His promises. Remaining faithful and committed to the One who is faithful and true.

Don't let the enemy devour you. Keep your eyes focused and steadfast on Jesus. Keep your face to the ground in prayer and your heart lifted toward Him in service. The enemy will be defeated.


Sassy Granny ... said...

Indeed, He Who is with us if far greater than he who is in the world. We fight on!

Nana Jul said...

Just'd you know?! Ran straight home to God...poured out my heart, prayed...focused on Him, the one who can even when I can't, when I'm not He says IAM. He answered before I even got to work this morning...Astounding...Yes the enemy WILL be defeated.
Perfect advice sister!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

So true and so needful thoughts today Beth! Just sort of reinforcing what I was reading in my James Bible study earlier this morning.

I pray God will bless you greatly for all you do for Him!



I have just been faced with opposition from my insurance company - in the recontruction of my home after the storm.... BUT GOD
has shown me over and over in Scripture today that the re-building will begin - it will progress and it will be completed in His timing and His way. Your post with Nehemiah verses reminds me again of those promises!

Thanks for sharing!

Love you and miss you - big [[HUGS]]

Living in the fullness of JOY,

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Beth
It has been a while since I last visited your blog, but this morning, I knew I was directed in this direction. So timely this post that I just finished reading. I wholeheartedly agree with you that the enemy seeks to do all he can to keep us from being connected to God at a deeper level. ANd yes, the enemy doesn't easily wear out.

Thank you for the visit, a precious time I had here, reconnecting with you and your blog neighbors.