Thursday, July 11, 2013

sitting still

Sitting still.....
ears tuned to the quiet whispers of God.

Listening closely to hear His voice speak.

Opening my heart to be receptive to
what God desires me to hear.

Wanting to be obedient. Wanting to be submissive.
Wanting to be totally surrendered.

Open my eyes sweet Lord so I can
see your glory!

Draw me closer to your side. I want to see you!

I want to know you deeper and I want to know you fully.

Lead me in your ways and direct my paths.

Show me where you desire me to go.

Fill me with your sweet Holy Spirit
to overflowing.

I desire a downpour of you in my life. A rich, drenching rain filled with 
mercy and grace and healing.

One that will wash away the stain-filled essence
of my life.

A refreshing rain.

A restoring rain.

A redeeming rain.

Cleanse me, Oh God, and begin molding me into
a vessel fit to be used for the edification
and glorification of your Kingdom.

Lead me and guide me.

Empower me. Change my desires. Change my heart.
Change my focus. Change me.

I want to be like you. I want my life to be a light
shining bright with the countenance of your glory
and your presence in me. 

Sitting still...
ears tuned to the quiet whispers of God....


"Be still, and know that I am God..."
(Psalm 46:10)


Cindy Cain said...

Wishing you Birthday Blessings on this very special day!


JESUS brought me here this morning for a quiet whisper. He actually had just spoken the words of
John 4:26
"I Who speak to you AM HE."
There's no greater place to sit - than at the feet of Jesus - in His Presence!

Much love, prayers and JOY to you!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie