Friday, July 5, 2013

the goodness of God

It is so easy to forget the goodness of God as we go about our daily lives. Oh, deep down we know that He is good, but we can take His goodness for granted and not spend time just dwelling on that amazing attribute of our God. He is good. All the time. It is just who He is.

There are so many things that serve to remind me every day of my life that I serve a God who is good. Just the fact that I am breathing attests to that fact. Just the fact that I am alive gives credence to the goodness of my God. But it goes much deeper than that. There are so many blessings that are mine to hold that have come straight from the Hand of my Savior. And I need to spend more time looking at them and appreciating them and acknowledging them.

1. The Holy Word that I hold in my hands is only because of the goodness of God. It is the living, breathing, awesome Word from the mouth of a very Holy and very good God.

2. The fact that I can read this precious book and understand it is a huge blessing. So thankful for the Holy Spirit that gives me revelation of the Word.

3. I have a husband who loves me and takes care of me. God blessed me with this precious man over 29 years ago and I am so thankful for that little nugget of goodness He bestowed upon me.

4. I have three amazing daughters who love their mother! Not a day goes by that my girls don't call me or text me. Sometimes many times throughout the day. They love to share their lives with me. When things aren't so great they know they have a mother who will encourage them and pray with them and for them. They are part of the goodness of God represented in my life.

5. I have some pretty amazing grandchildren. I am thankful that they love their Nana and I am thankful that I am their favorite. :) They love to spend time with me and they love to talk to me on the phone when I am not with them. Even though miles have separated us at this time, our hearts are twined together with a love that only comes from the goodness of God. I love that when they are sick, they always want their Nana to pray for them. They know how much I love them. And they know how much God loves them. 

6. Things don't always go the way we planned. But even when that happens, the goodness of God is what sees us through. He is always faithful. Always true. He is always there to comfort and bring peace. He is always showing us the way even when that way seems so different from what we think would be best. We know that His way is always the perfect way and that in His goodness, He will guide us and protect us each step of the journey.

7. God is our Healer. I can't even begin to count the number of times in my 50 years that I have experienced and witnessed the healing power of God. It all begin when I was 10 years old and He healed my diseased body and He hasn't stopped performing miracles in me and my family since then! I have seen many members of my family healed and some are still in the process of being healed. I have seen grandchildren healed. I have seen children healed. I have seen my husband healed. God is good! We just have to hold on to the faith that He can do what He says He can do!! The blessing of health is straight from the powerful and gracious Hand of a very good God.

Do you want to be more aware of the goodness of God? Take a look around. Pick up the precious book of scriptures and begin reading. Read the Word until it comes alive and you begin to feel the very breath of God on your skin. Sense His goodness.

Meditate on the Word. Read it prayerfully. Wrestle with it and experience it! Delight in it! Cultivate a real spirit of fervency in your quest to experience the goodness and the presence of God. He will not disappoint you. He will not leave you untouched in this quest. If you desire to find Him, seek Him! He wants to be found. He wants you to sense His goodness. He will show up.

Renew your love for Him. Purpose now to passionately begin seeking His presence in your life every day. Deliberately search for His goodness in your day to day existence. Seek Him with a desire for renewed intimacy. Be intentional. Be unhindered. Be purposeful in your pursuit.

And then, my friends, you will see the goodness of God in every breath you take.

"I had fainted, unless I had believed to see
the goodness of the LORD, in the land of the living"
(Psalm 27:13)

In His goodness, I was able to see these 9 grandchildren a few weeks ago as we traveled to Ohio and New Jersey and then on to Boston.

Then we came home and got to see 2 more grands!


Anonymous said...

What a powerful reminder of a post, young lady! I have been blessed and glad I came by! The post showed up right as I checked for post updates and there you were, Beth!
I am sorry these precious grandkids are so far away now, but so glad you got to see EVERYBODY!
May He continue to richly bless you and your family.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

Nana Jul said...

Awesome post Beth!
"He is always showing us the way even when that way seems so different from what we think would be best." I'm there right now...pondering....wondering,but Knowing He is Good...He is God. And really it will be OK. He's got us! Seeking Him makes it OK, reminds me it's OK - He never disappoints! He's so faithful.
Your Grands are all so beautiful! Glad you took the trip to see them! Happy Sunday eve..