Saturday, February 15, 2014

dropping breadcrumbs

It astounds me as I look around and see the overwhelming goodness of the Lord in my life. So many times I think we tend to focus on the negative things that take place and fail to see His love and mercy shining through.  Those things that wound us and hurt us and cause us pain sometimes blind us to what God really intends us to see. Our aching hearts and wounded spirits really get in the way of keeping our eyes turned toward the One who heals and binds up. 

Sometimes the journey through the wilderness is a long and arduous one. Sometimes it seems like it is unending. Sometimes it feels like we are headed in the wrong direction. But in the midst of all the wrong turns and pitfalls that beset us, we can see the glory of God if we just try hard enough. It's easy to let defeat capture us. It's hard to claim victory when you definitely don't feel that the 'win' is coming soon. But just when you really feel like you are faltering and almost gasping for your next breath,  your precious Savior gives you a glimpse of His sweetness and you have hope.

My God has been so gracious to me. At times I feel like I have reached the point of no return in my life and He dispenses just a little more grace to my spirit.  It's always enough to get me to the next leg of the journey. Strength upon strength He guides me and supplies my every need.

He always supplies just what I need and at just the right time. He always gives me enough. More than enough really. It may not seem that way at the time, but I always seem to have a basket full left over. Much like the fishes and the loaves. What He gives me seems to multiply when I receive it with a humble and desperate heart. I want to reach out and grab it like I think He may take it back and then with His calm assurance, He just places even more in my hand and promises that He has more available. 

It overwhelms me. I am so undeserving of His love. But I am so thankful and grateful that He IS love. In my need, He pours out in abundance. And I purpose in my heart to keep more mindful of His Immeasurable Love. I purpose to be more aware of His goodness. I purpose to give the Holy Spirit more reign in my life.

Oh, yes, the journey sometimes seems to be too much. But as I look back, I can see where my sweet Lord has dropped breadcrumbs along the way for me to follow. And it's up to me to keep my eyes focused on the journey that is ahead of me and just follow where He leads. I can do this with full knowledge of the amazing and unending love my Savior has for me. I can do this because if I just look up, I see the glimpses of His glory evidenced all around me. I can do this because of the Truth I find in His precious Word. I can do this because in Him, I have hope. And that is more than enough.

"My soul faints for thy salvation;
but I hope in thy Word."
(Psalm 119:81)


Nana Jul said...

Finding the glimpses of His Glory in the mess, is like having 180gallons of grace poured over you. The water turned to wine! Do whatever He says!! It's the best way to live the glory filled life!
Love ya sister!

T.J. Ellis said...

So beautiful and a reminder for us all! How is Cari

Cindy Cain said...

What IF we didn't have that Hope?!?! My heart grieves for those who live in hopelessness! Praising God for this truth!