Saturday, March 1, 2014

perfect hearts

Opening the scriptures, my eyes fell on the sweet and powerful words of King Solomon found in 1 Kings 8:61:

"Let your heart therefore be perfect
with the LORD our God, to walk in 
His statutes, and to keep
His commandments, as at this day"

As I gazed at the first part of this verse, my heart yearned to be perfect with my LORD!  Oh, how I desire to walk in His statutes day after day. I want to keep His commandments diligently and walk in His way of perfection. 

The words 'be perfect' become 'be fully committed' or 'be wholly true to' in other translations . No matter what translation of the Word we use, the meaning is the same. When we profess Christ as our LORD and Savior, it is imperative that we possess a desire within us to be truly, fully and perfectly committed to Him.

We need to be consistently and constantly obeying His commands. Walking in His statutes. And the only way we can ultimately do this is to really know what His statutes are. How do we do this?

We study the Word often! We study the Word in depth. We study the Word with eager expectation of what we will glean from it. We study it with a passion to learn.

My hearts desire is to be so in love with my LORD that I am willing to be fully surrendered to Him and to His Word. I want to be so in awe of who He is that I am willing to do whatever it takes to serve Him with my whole heart. To be obedient to any calling that He may place on my life. 

He truly is my everything and I want to live my life so that it reflects Him to all those around me. I want my life to bring glory and honor to Christ in all that I say and do. 

Do you want to have a heart that is perfect with Jesus? It will take work. It will take a purposed heart. It will take a determined spirit. It will take an act of our will to change our lifestyle to one that is pleasing and acceptable in His sight. It will take a denying of ourselves and a more exalted view of God.

But when we fully commit ourselves to be submissive to Christ, the Holy Spirit will empower us to put God first and fill us with sincerity of heart to be able to follow the LORD wholeheartedly.

May our hearts be filled with the impact of the sweet words of King Solomon and may we bow our hearts in humility of spirit as we petition our God for a mighty work to be performed in us. May we pursue perfection in our walk and full surrender in hearts. He is so worthy.

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