Monday, September 6, 2010

my dwelling place

Lord, you are my dwelling place. I find peace and safety
in the loving embrace of your arms.

I abide in the secure and mighty covering of your wings.

There I find solace and hope.
Strength and courage.
There I find protection.

Beneath the shadow of your almighty presence, I rest
in the promise of your faithfulness.

Where the darkness becomes light,
the unknown becomes unveiled.
the fullness of your glory is revealed.

I rejoice in the sheer wonder of your Name!

I stand in awe at the magnitude of your greatness.
For You are King above all kings.
Lord above all lords.

You are higher than the highest mountain
deeper than the greatest depths of the seas.

You reign victorious over all creation. We are yours.

The heavens declare your righteousness and they clap
their hands at your power and sovereignty.

They sing your praises and extol your majesty.
They make a joyful noise before all the
 nations and declare the awesome
wonder of who you are.

Your mercy is limitless. It is from
everlasting to everlasting.

Your grace is boundless.
Your love unfailing.
Your compassion endures forever.

Praise you, Jesus.

Longing for your presence. Your touch. Your Spirit.
I revel in the deepest joy at the very  mention of your Name.
Breathing in the sweet aroma of your Holy Spirit.
Feeling your presence dancing on my skin.

Letting the invisible handprints of your touch
sear my body with glorious fire.

The consuming fire of a Holy and Mighty God.

Abounding in your amazing grace.
Frolicking in the freedom of redemption.
Enjoying the profound presence of you God.

Surround me.
Enclose me.
You are my dwelling place and I give you praise.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Beth, I so much needed to read those words and my spirit is movng inside me to the point of overflowing into tears.
Thank You, Holy Spirit, for speaking through Beth!
He truly is Faithfulness!
God bless you, sweet friend.

NanaNor's said...

Dearest Beth, Love this and echo your words, agreeing in the name of Jesus. As we dwell within Him may we be more transformed minute by minute.
Hugs to you today.
Love & prayers, Noreen

BECKY said...

Oh Beth, how lovely gal. You write so beautifully! I have missed visiting but have some time now that my shop is finally open!

God is so amazing. I love the whole idea of Him enclosing us tight in His loving arms and not releasing us!
Sooo wonderful to even think about!
Hope your weekend has been grand and that your week is full of JOY in Him!!

Beth E. said...

This is beautiful, Beth!


Anonymous said...

do you have a flute copy of this..thanks so much