Wednesday, September 1, 2010

oh, what a thankful thursday it is

Thanks, Greg, for hosting this amazing Thankful Thursday post each week.

I am thankful for the four little grandyoungin's that these feet represent and I love how my daughter captured their personalities in each picture. I love Sila's little chubby feet and Mikaela's prim and proper stance. I love that Mercie's crocs are on the wrong feet and that Eli chose to wear his boots with his shorts instead of his flip-flops. I love being a Nana!


I am thankful for the 2 precious grandsons in this picture. Bryton and Sawyer bring me much joy and laughter. They are brothers and best friends and as they get older, it is fun to watch them play.  I love how they are walking together in this picture.


I am thankful that our amazing God never sleeps. He is always awake and attentive to our every need. He loves us and watches over us 24 hours a day. He loves us so much and for that I am eternally thankful!

 "He will not suffer thy foot to be moved;
he that keepeth thee will not slumber"
(Psalm 121:4)

I am thankful for answered prayer this past week. God is faithful and He is an on-time God. He knows what is best for our lives and all we have to do is surrender our will to His and be obedient to His calling.

"Blessed is every one that feareth the LORD;
that walketh in His ways"
(Psalm 128:1)

I am thankful that we are able to worship without worry. We can pray and praise without threat to our lives. We have the freedom to read and study the bible anytime and anywhere. I am so thankful that we are able to be open with our faith and I pray that we won't take it for granted. May we never open our bibles without being thankful for the God-breathed work that it is.

"From the rising of the sun unto the going down
of the same the LORD's name is to be praise.
The LORD is high above all nations, and
His glory above the heavens"
(Psalm 113:3,4)


Thank you, Lord, for your hand of protection upon us. Thank you for your mercy and grace. For your peace and your hope. Thank you for loving us and for caring about us. Thank you for the sacrifice of your precious Son on the Cross, so that we could have forgiveness of sins and eternal life. You are awesome and amazing. You are wonderful and merciful. You are our all in all. You are the one true God.  We give you glory and honor and praise for all that you do and all that you are.


~ Being Woven said...

Praising the Lord with you, sweet Beth. We have much to be grateful for, to the Mighty God Who saves, and breathes His life-giving breath into each one of us.
In gratitude, ~ linda

Cora said...

Beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing your family and faith!

Nana Jul said...

Happy TT Beth! What beautiful feet! May you teach them to bring "good news" and may they each follow in your footsteps, and by your example - they will surely be blessed like their Nana!!
Thank God for Jesus!!
Hope your day is Glorious!!

Beth in NC said...

Amen Beth!

And those pictures are adorable. There is just something about those little feet. So sweet!


cindy said...

I think you said it all, my friend!

Take care-

Barbara said...

Yes joining in the Thankful Thursday too, I have so very much to be thankful for, and I give all the glory to the lord Jesus Christ, in him all this are wonderful, hugs and blessings

Angel said...

Love, love, love the feet pictures, and those grandbabies!! Can't wait for my new little one!!

So love your heart!!

sarah said...

love those little feet....and the scriptures.

Lynda Young said...

I love the photos - particularly the feet pics. So gorgeous.

It's so good to stop and think about the things we are thankful for. Appreciation of these things helps us to appreciate our Lord even more.


Jackie said...

Amen and Amen, Beth!!

Love your precious "Grands" photos. You brought a smile to my heart today!!

Love and Hugs! : ))

sister sheri said...

Loving those toes!

Karen said...

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God Bless..

Yolanda said...

Did you get a new bible? :-) Love the neat pictures and your sweet and precious heart.

In case you didn't know this, I heart you!

angelonwheels said...

Sweet post Beth! Thank you for sharing!


Hi Beth, aren't grandkids a hoot! I'm having a blast with mine.

God bless you and your family