Sunday, October 30, 2011

dying moments

Are there some things that we need to leave at the foot of the Cross? Things that we need to die to? Things that need to be circumcised from our hearts and removed from our lives forever?

Do we possess attitudes or actions that we know aren't pleasing to our Father, but we are holding on to them for dear life? Do we have a death grip on some things that we need to release into the loving hands of our Lord?

I don't know about you, but I desperately want to break free of any tie that is binding me. I want to live a life unhindered by anything that threatens to hold me captive. I desire for sin to be purged from my life so I can begin to bear much fruit and bring glory and honor to Jesus. 

As I journey through His precious Word, my eyes are opened wider each day to my sin. I see the deep need in my own life for much pruning and purging as He reveals those areas that are unholy, unrighteous and ungodly. I know that He desires to replace those areas with holiness, righteousness and godliness. He wants my heart to be made clean through the mighty cleansing power of His Word.

"Now ye are clean through the Word which
I have spoken unto you"
(John 15:3)

The sweet, powerful, holy Word of God cleanses us and makes us whole. It restores that which is broken. It reconciles that which is torn asunder. It makes all things new.

We all need this cleansing power in our lives. If we search deep within ourselves, down into the hidden things, we will find things that need to be taken to the foot of the Cross. If we look deep into the places that we don't like to dwell, we will find things that need to be laid down forever. 

We need to determine and purpose in our hearts that we will die to self. Seek His will and His way. Seek His face in all things. Search our hearts and gather together all those wrong actions and attitudes. All those things that bind and hinder us. Anything unholy, unrighteous and unclean. And lay them down at the precious, sacrificial feet of our Savior.

It's overwhelming to know that He can take those things that are unlovely and make them beautiful.  He can take our worst and make it His best. He is gracious and merciful. He is kind and gentle. He loves and cares. Comforts and heals. Covers and protects. He renews and restores.

On my face.....broken.
At His feet....repentant.
Leaving behind sin and destructive behavior.

Then I arise and walk in the beauty of His holiness and hear His sweet voice whisper, "my precious child, go and sin no more".

Yes, Lord. 

"For I will be merciful to their
unrighteousness, and their sins and their 
iniquities will I remember no more"
(Hebrews 8:12)


Yaya Yarns said...

Seeking daily to die, learning to die and desiring to die, to all that causes me to have any separation between me and my LORD.

Thanks dear sister, you are a blessing!

Stacey Dawn said...

I've been working on laying several things at His feet.... I wish I could do it easier and faster than I am!

Denise said...

Beth, my heart cry is the same. Find that which keeps me bound and to lay it at the feet of the One who restores. So many hidden places - so many broken places, a lifelong process this side of heaven's perfection.

PS: Have I ever told you that you have some of the cutest grandbabies I have ever seen! What joy they must bring! :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth, this message never, ever becomes old unless, of course, we do not want to face these truths. I needed to hear this/read this today. Release and return...I want to release those sinful parts of me and place them at the foot of the Cross; I want to turn and return to the One Who has drenched me in His Blood, cleansing me forever. I want to be pure and holy, but I must continue to purify and wholly dig up that which is not of Him.
loving you, ~ linda

Nana Jul said...

So so thankful He is so forgiving and willing to let us run into His arms. Digging it up is hard, letting it go - harder, but surrendering it to the ONE who has our best in that's where there is freedom. To me letting it go - is more like trying to forget it..surrendering is more like facing that thing, knowing we are powerless on our own to get rid of it, so we lay it at the foot of the cross, giving it to the ONE who can free us.
Love ya sister!

angelonwheels said...

Sister, I hear you! I am right there with you! 2 of mine are judgement and envy of others. Can I ask you to add my friend Mike Hand and his family to your prayer list, just found out he has bladder cancer, his daughters are my best friends! Thanks~

@PrayerChristian said...

It is amazing that the Word Himself, Jesus Christ, is willing to forgive us over and over and over again isn't it? It can be so difficult and overwhelming to imagine the love that He has for us, yet He loves us purely and entirely. Thank you for this reminder!