Monday, November 14, 2011

how big is our faith?

Believing what we can't see. The evidence of things hoped for. The substance of things not seen. Knowing that what He has promised is true. 

Hearing from God and knowing His voice.

How big is our faith? Do we believe for others but not for ourselves? Do we deem others worthy of a miraculous healing touch from God but don't feel worthy ourselves?

Commitment to God and His will. Total reliance upon the Lord. Confidence in Christ.

Abraham was a faithful servant. His faith is what prodded his pleading to God on behalf of the city of Sodom. Because of His faithful prayer life, God was willing to spare the city for only 10 righteous people. It only takes the faith of a few to obtain the mercy of God for a nation.

Abraham's faith is what enabled him to trust God completely when He called him to sacrifice his son. "Thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest" (Genesis 22:2). In his own strength and character, Abraham couldn't have done that. But because of the faithful relationship he had with God, he was able. He had faith in God's promise to him regarding the covenant He established with Isaac. He knew that even if he had to sacrifice his son, there would be a resurrection. He knew God would provide the lamb.  He trusted His God and His Word. 

Oh, to have the faith of Abraham. I so desire that kind of dependence on my Lord. To trust Him in all things and for all things. To depend solely upon Him for my direction in life. To place my loved ones in His hands since they belong to Him anyway. To know that He will provide the lambs needed in my life when I am called upon to obey, even  unto sacrifice. 

I want God to be my Jehovah-Jireh. My provider. I want to grow closer to Him each day and know Him like never before. More intimate. More personal. Deeper. Higher. I want to love Him more. I want to know Him...

"Not that we are sufficient of ourselves 
to think any thing as of ourselves; but our 
sufficiency is of God"
(2 Corinthians 3:5)

I want to trust Him no matter what. No hesitation. No procrastination. No doubting. No excuses.

Just trust and obey. He is worthy. He is faithful. He is God.


Mercie had a re-check today and the doctor confirmed that indeed she is healed. (my words, not his..) He also confirmed to Megan what he thought would be the outcome of the blood work. He was sure that Mercie was  very ill. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that my God healed my Mercie on last Sunday morning. I know that He has plans for her and that she will have a mighty calling on her life. I am just so thankful that He allowed me to be a part of this incredible testimony of hers. I will praise Him and testify of this miracle for the rest of my life. I learned a huge lesson about faith and I pray that I don't have to be retaught. 

God, you are good. All the time. I love you with all that I am and I am yours.


Gina said...

Faith is something I struggle with daily. I'm one of those as you mentioned that believe things for others, but not myself. I tell others that God will help them overcome something in their life, but I can't believe that for myself. I've had to ask His forgiveness a lot of times this past week for doubting Him, because I just haven't had the faith to believe. Thanks you for the blog today.

NanaNor's said...

Powerful post dear one! So thankful that the doctor realized that Mercie was indeed healed. So very thankful for you today.
Love, Noreen

Beth E. said...

Amen, Beth! I needed to read this post today, sweet friend. It truly is powerful, and this spoke to me most of all...

"I want to trust Him no matter what. No hesitation. No procrastination. No doubting. No excuses.

Just trust and obey. He is worthy. He is faithful. He is God."

Praising God for healing Mercie!


Nana Jul said...

Praising God for confirmation of what you already knew...Mercie was healed!! Thank you Wonderful Jesus! Thank you for Beth and increasing our faith with her testimony to your Greatness!
Love ya sister!

Nancy M. said...

What an awesome miracle! So glad Mercie is alright! What a beautiful little angel!

Aliene said...

We know our God is still in the healing business. Praise His Lovely Name. so glad Mercie was healed.

Andrea said...

Awesome! He is faithful!!
Blessings and prayers,