Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are we passionate?

Are we passionate about worship? We have to first be passionate about the One we worship. We must be in love with the Lord our God if we are going to enter into true, unadulterated, passionate worship of Him. We must love Him above all else, more than all else and in spite of all else. We must be deeply in love with our Savior. With an insatiable and ever increasing intensity. We must have a desire to know Him and to make Him known.

He is the New Covenant.
He is our Mediator, Creator.
He is worthy of our worship.
He is worthy of our praise.

Our God is our Lord and our King. He is eternal. He is Holy. He is righteous.

He is our Bread of Life.
He is our Living Water.
The Nourisher of our soul.

He fills. He completes. He satisfies.

He is mercy. He is grace. He is Salvation.

He redeems. He restores. He refreshes.

He is our everything. He is all that we need. He is love.

 When we fall completely in love with our sweet Lord, we will see that He is certainly worthy of our worship and praise. And we will be more than passionate in our worship of Him. We will fall on our faces in awe of who He is and worship Him from the very depths of our being. We will passionately pursue our Savior with an insatiable appetite. We will long for Him and thirst for Him like never before.  And we will indeed be passionate about worship.


Risa French said...

Beth you inspire me more than i can say. I am in need of prayer for many things and am asking if you guys would pray for me. Many health issues are plaging my body...all of which are directly related to the Lupus, another I need to be in church somewhere and have Harley in church on a constant basis not just occasionally. Im not sure where to go yet.....i go out to the kids church some but am struggling with going there, and more than any of the above i want to feel the joy that only God can give me. Yes im happy with Chris and Harley but i know in my heart theres so much more God wants from me in my spiritual life. I need to be an example to Chris because he is a good man but he needs the Lord. Help me in prayer please. I love reading your blogs and i am always blessed by them and inspired more to do better. Thank you for being who you are. All my love Risa

Tammy said...

Just when I think, I've arrived to this place of worship, something comes along to make me doubt.

I never leave here without pondering the words that you've share.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there dear one, Loved this post, no question there-your words always move me to a deeper place. Was touched reading Risa's comment and think I'll pop over there so I can lift her up.
Sending much love to you today.

Nezzy said...

Yep, I can honestly say I am passionate about worship.

Heck, I'm passionate about everything I do. It's just the way I fly....

God bless ya and have a marvelous weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

Am I passionate about worship?

Even though I often fall short the desire of my heart is to worship God in spirit and truth.

John 4:24 - God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

God bless you Beth and have a great weekend.