Monday, June 4, 2012

eyes wide open?

(1000 gifts journal - now on #1054) 

God has so much to show us. He has so much revelation that He desires to reveal to us. But sadly, He can't because we don't allow Him the access into our lives that enable Him to move! We fail to see Him working because we have our spiritual eyes closed. We don't have them wide open with expectation of what we will discover when He begins to reveal His truths to us. 

Must we force God to pry open the eyes of our hearts that we might see? So He can begin to show us His glory? We need to prayerfully... expectantly... open our eyes!

We fail to see the power of God or the authority of God or the sovereignty of God. We have become spiritually blind so therefore we miss out on what He has for us. We have eternal purpose and we fail to fully understand or even appreciate this. We neglect to cultivate the most important relationship we will ever have - our relationship with Christ.  We have to be surrendered to Him moment-by-moment with our eyes wide open so that He can begin to drop nuggets of truth into our spirits so that we can truly 'see' the glory of who He is, what He can do and what He wants to do.

If we want to experience an authentic, deeper, richer relationship with God, we must be spending time in His Word so that we can truly know Him. The more we dig into His precious Word, the deeper our intimacy with Him will grow. The more we desire a fresh Word, the more likely it is that we will find it. He wants to be wanted. He longs for relationship with us.

Deep calls unto deep. The deeper we yearn, the deeper He can reveal. God gives us hearts that can hunger and souls that can thirst. But it is strictly up to us whether or not we set out to satisfy and quench that emptiness that we have without Him.

If we desire for God to move mightily in our lives and if we want Him to reveal Himself to us, we must first deal with sin in our own lives. Sin can go unnoticed in our lives until we turn on the light of God's Word. Under the intensity of His Light, we see things that we didn't see before. Things are exposed to us that were hidden before we subjected ourselves to the light of His truth.

Before Isaiah saw the Lord, he had been totally focused on other peoples sins. If we aren't careful we, too, can become preoccupied with the specks in other peoples eyes and not take a close look at our own. But when Isaiah saw the LORD, his eyes were immediately opened and he got a fresh glimpse and a fresh vision of who God was. But he also received a fresh vision of himself. And his first words were, 'Woe is me'  (Isaiah 6:5). 

The glory of God shone His Light on the unnoticed sin in Isaiah's life. The bright spotlight of Holiness shone down on his sin and his wretchedness. And He was undone.

This is what must take place in our lives. This is necessary if we want to come face-to-face with our depravity so we can confess it, repent of it and then cast it out of our lives. Then and only then can we begin to live a life of Holiness before the LORD.  We need to be asking God daily to shine His pure and Holy Light on our lives and reveal to us those things that are defiling us and preventing us from going deeper with Him.

There is nothing like that searing light of His holiness to make our sinfulness become glaringly apparent.  We must accept responsibility for our sin. Own it. Acknowledge it and cry out, "I am ruined". We must allow our hearts to rend in two so that the God of all Creation can begin to put them back together again. He can take our undone lives and empower us to live a life worthy of His calling and then with eyes wide open, we can say the words of Isaiah with all humility and surrender, "Here I am. Send Me."

Prayerfully.... expectantly.... let's open our eyes!


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Ouch! and Amen! I so very much identified with your words today Beth! I'm "there" right now! Needing to remember that to ever solve problems with others, I first need to look at myself and what's wrong with me!

Thanks friend!

NanaNor's said...

Beth, I feel like you wrote this just for me-how humbled I am to see the ugliness of where I am in my walk.
I'm crying out to Him now to work in me, this day, this hour this minute.
Thank you dear one.
Hugs, Noreen

Julie Moon said...

Beth, this is total confirmation for me. The Lord has been asking me to write more about repentance and forgiveness. But frankly, I have been struggling with it. I finally realize that He is moving me through this process through my writing. Thank you for this timely message.
Blessings in abundance,
Julie Moon

angelonwheels said...


Nana Jul said...

WOW Beth! What a awesome and powerful post...I love His Nuggets of Truth, I love to dig thru His WORD to hear Him speak..and It is a "Woe is me" moment when He shows us where we fall short and how we'll never measure up with out Him. It never dawned on me tho that it was His light His Glory showing me my sin. Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm....thanks sister!
Love ya - keeping my eyes wide open too!