Tuesday, June 12, 2012

it isn't about fair

Life is hard. There are so many things that happen in the lives of people that tempt us to utter the words "it's not fair".  But in reality, life isn't supposed to be fair. Life isn't even really about us. It is all about Jesus. It is intended to be a temporary dwelling place for us as we embark on our journey into glory with our God and Father.  We don't always see it that way though and we forget that what we do with our lives while we are here is of the utmost importance. We are here to bring glory to our Lord and Savior in all that we do and all that we say. 

My heart is heavy tonight for a little girl named Lucy and her family. Lucy is 6 years old and began a journey with cancer 15 months ago. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor last February and after several surgeries and many rounds of chemo, ended treatments in November 2011. Although the tumor was gone, she had many health problems as a result of the treatments and she has had a very hard battle. And then, just a week ago, they discovered that the cancer had returned. And there is nothing that the doctors can do. If Lucy doesn't get a miracle, she will die soon. It breaks my heart for that precious little girl. It breaks my heart for those sweet parents having to watch their baby go through the pain and agony that this disease delivers and the terror at knowing that her time is very short. It breaks my heart for those grandparents feeling so helpless and having to prepare for the loss of their granddaughter. I am tempted to says that it isn't fair. But I know God has a plan. And His plan has nothing to do with fairness, but with life. Eternal life. 

I think back to 7 short months ago when God whispered those dreaded words to my spirit.. "Beth, your life is about to turn upside down". I don't think that I will ever forget hearing those words and feeling the deep stab to my heart that they delivered. I can still feel the sick feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that I felt at that time. 

If God hadn't reached down and touched my sweet Mercie with His Healing Hand, I could be that grandparent right now. My precious daughter and son-in-law could be those parents right now.  And that just kills me. I am horrified by what could have been but at the same time so deeply humbled and eternally grateful for the miracle bestowed upon my Mercie girl by the Master. 

But that isn't the case for sweet Lucy. Or countless other children battling the same horrifying disease. And I know their parents are so tempted to utter those same words... "it's not fair". And in our flesh, it isn't. But in the eyes of our wonderful and amazing God, death is the vehicle that He uses to take us from our temporary home here on earth to our eternal home in glory.  It hurts for us here on earth, but for those that are tasting the riches and glory of heaven, there is no more pain and no more sorrow. Only continual praise and worship at the feet of a very worthy and awesome God. 

I don't know why God chose to heal my granddaughter. But I do know that when I cried out in desperation and in faith, He heard me. I know that when I was holding that sweet baby I felt the power of the Holy Spirit surging through her body. I know that I promised the Lord I would NEVER quit praising Him for what He did in her life and I haven't. I also promised Him that I would make sure Mercie always remembers what God did for her and that I would do everything in my power to make sure she will always be a young lady seeking after the heart of God.  

No, life isn't fair. And things don't always happen the way we think they should. But no matter what takes place here on earth, for those of us that are children of God, we are promised an eternity of perfection. No tears, no sorrow, no pain. Only absolute JOY and an eternal PRAISE and WORSHIP session with the King of kings and Lord and lords. Glory Hallelujah!!

Our God reigns.


Lord, my heart is so burdened for sweet Lucy and her family tonight. Oh, sweet Jesus, send your mighty Holy Spirit down to them at this very moment to be their comforter and their strength. Wrap your arms around them and shelter them under the shadow of your wings. Be their all-in-all during this very difficult journey they are on. If it be your will, reach down and bestow a miracle on that baby. And if it is your will for Lucy to be swept home into glory, then be merciful and gracious to those she will leave behind. We will give you all praise and all glory forever. For you are so worthy.

In the mighty and saving and delivering name of Jesus,

Bryton and Sawyer in Illinois

Laylah Beth struttin' her stuff in her bathing suit! 9 months old and such a girlie girl!

Mercie and Mikaela in Pennsylvania - such happy faces!

Eli wearing his daddy's shirt and looking way too cool in it!

My Mercie girl looking too much like a little girl instead of a baby girl...

Silas will be 2 next week! Pennsylvania is a long way from his Nana!

My baby girl and Laylah Beth - too far away in Illinois!
My sweet Bryton - missing him so much!

Laylah Beth is growing up way to fast - she's only been gone 2 weeks and has changed so much!

Sawyer looking way too cool in his sunshades!


Cindy Cain said...

I was sharing with a couple of other widows tonight that no matter how deep our pain is as we process the grief of losing our spouse, there is Nothing that could make me want to bring my hubby back from his glorious peace in the presence of the Lord! And what hope we have of our eternal future! Thanking God for miracles, hope and grace!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Beth, this is such a profound word today! It brought tears to my eyes. But at the very same time it brought a praise to my lips!

God has blessed you with a gift of talking (writing) about Him and for Him and you are using it well.

God bless you!


Nancy M. said...

I am praying for Lucy and her family and so many others! I can't imagine the pain they feel. No, life is not fair, sometimes it's even hard to understand because we can't see His bigger picture!

Nana Jul said...

Hard much we really don't understand this side of heaven. Makes me very thankful for healthy children and grandchildren. And makes me pray harder for those in such fragile places...Lord let them see you like never before..going before them and being their rear guard too! Let them know you are with them even in the hard rocky places.
Mercie's story is a true testimony of the LORD's healing touch! Praise Jesus!!
Love ya sister!