Monday, May 4, 2009

Renewed Strength




Sawyer and Bryton

Me and my grandbabies at church in the nursery.

It's almost overwhelming to me how many of my bloggy friends have encouraged me so much since Friday. It's just so refreshing and so restoring to know that Christ works through various ways even such as the internet. Every comment that I received, lifted me up. Every scripture that was sent my way, was just like water to my thirsty soul. It's almost like you were standing right beside me cheering me on and I felt such peace. I just want to thank you all for being obedient to the call of Christ and being willing to be used by Him for this purpose.

Even though some of the circumstances of our situation didn't change, God provided a solution. Even though the problem didn't just magically disappear, He provided peace. I thought of the song that says "God will make a way, when there seems to be no way..." God has been so good to us and I think this is the first time that I was able to lay it down - and leave it there. I put my trust in Him and didn't pick it back up again. (I'm really bad about that - I want to give it to Him, but just hold on to the edge of it....)

I know that anytime we as Christians are moving ahead with God and we are becoming more filled with His Spirit and becoming more in love with our Savior, the devil doesn't like it. He doesn't want us seeking more of God. He doesn't want us becoming more like Christ. He doesn't want us to put our hope and trust in our Lord. The devil tries so hard to 'get in our business' and defeat us. Case in point:

Every Sunday morning, my husband goes to the little country store right down the road to buy a newspaper. When he went yesterday, he left the carport door open, but the storm door was closed. Well, when he came back he opened the storm door and what do you think was sitting in the doorway, INSIDE my house!

Yes.... that is a ground rattler and it was IN MY HOUSE! My husband quickly kicked it outside and stomped his little head. Now... you may not agree with me, but I am telling you that was Satan trying to get in my house and he wound up with a crushed head! This week alone, there were 3 other little ground rattlers found by the church. Hmmmm...

I have grown in my faith this weekend. I have renewed strength. I feel restored. I have learned to really put my trust in God. I have learned that I am NOT in control. I have learned that I will survive the hard times. I have learned that if I let God just wrap His arms around me and comfort me, He will do it. If I stay faithful and don't lose heart, He will show up mightily and He will get the glory.

"Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the LORD, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable. He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength." Isaiah 40:28,29

"But those who wait on the LORD, shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint." Isaiah 40: 31

Praise you, Lord, for being the Creator of all things. I praise you for being a God who loves. Thank you for giving me strength in my weakness - hope in my depression - victory in my defeat. You are mighty and powerful and I love you with all I have and all that I am.



Beth E. said...

I have never heard of a ground rattler...that is scary! I have never been around snakes but the thought of them terrifies me! Praising God that you and your family are safe.

Now, then...I'm here to tell you that you look way too young to be a grandmother! Your grandchildren are adorable. :o)

Denise said...

I don't how I missed your Friday post but I rejoice that God revealed Himself through each response you receieved.

It is a big step to lay it down and walk away. I, too, like to hold on to edges. Yet, our grip often limits God's response.

As for the snakes -- in one word -- YUCK!


Lisa said...

As your husband crushed the head of that snake, may God lead you to victory over Satan and his minions. If you get a chance today read 2 Samuel 22 as David gives praise to God over crushing his enemies in defeat.
Blessings - lisa

Carolina Mama said...

They are darling. What a great post. THey are real cuties. Blessings

Yolanda said...

I'm thankful that He is always, ALWAYS Faithful. Hurts my heart when I stop to realize that on the other hand, I'm not always faithful. Thank God that He is!

I love you!!

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Ok...that snake is ewh...!! look TOO young to have grandbabies......but OH...are they adorable!!!

Keep tramplin' the snake....God has given us authority over it!!! Amen.

Anonymous said...

OH my dear...I would have been so terrified. Snakes, they are my fear...big fear. Last summer my husband was dozing in our yard and accidentaly cut into a water line...He called for my help. You see we have public water, but we also have a private well. My grandpa's house use to set where our house is, we had dug up his private well water line and put in an outdoor spiget, hubby had cut that. My choice to help was either to go to the well and turn off the water or plug my finger in the severed water line to prevent it making a muddy mess. I chose to plug my finger into the water line, now here I was standing in the middle of rubble from an old shed, tin and wood laying all around me, weeds grown up...I had on flip-flops...the only thing I could think to do was to repetedly say out loud-"Snakes I rebuke you in the name of the Lord, Lord protect me." After the water was turned off as I was walking back into the house, my husband yelled back to me SNAKE. I thought he was joking until I turned around and saw a snake dangling from the blade of the dozer...he had made his next pass right beside of the water line...right where I was standing and picked up a copperhead! That snake could have gotten me! But you know what God was with me...God has been with you, even though the snake "devil" has been curled up in the corner intemidating you!

Love ya

Stephanie said...

Praise God,when we as christians start facing more and more obstacles on our Journey for the Lord,then we know that we are definitly soldiers in His army. We have made the enemy very upset. He's sweet I know,He's sweet I know,storm clouds may rise and strong winds may blow, but I'll tell the world where er I go that I have found a Savior and He's sweet I know. I keep this song in my spirit.

LisaShaw said...

Sis I was shouting when I saw that snake. Not out of fear but just immediately my spirit said, THE DEVIL IS ALREADY DEFEATED! As I read I agreed with you!!!!

You and your grandbabies are adorable! Isn't being a Grandma the absolute best?!! I love it!

I continue to pray sweet one. I love you.

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

A ground rattler?!? Oh my goodness!!! I would have had a fit. We've already had three snakes in our house and we have no idea for sure how they came in.
I love the pics of the baby and of you...they are great!!! I bet you have sooooo much fun at your house:)

A Stone Gatherer said...

He is Jehovah Jirah - The God who provides! Praise God with you! Keep crushing those heads!!!!!

Jenny said...

So glad your spirits have been lifted.

I would freak out if a snake was in my house. We had one in the door jam once and that was way to close for me. I have never heard of a ground rattler??

Pam said...

Praise God Beth! I am so glad you are renewed in spirit! God is good! Believe me, I have those times too!!! And I had a snake in my house one time also, a copperhead!! Yuck!! You are a blessing! Pam

Pam said...
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B His Girl said...

Wow, I believe that snake was exactly what you thought. Trust in God 'rattles' Satan. And to have his head crushed. He is a defeated foe.
I am so glad you are enjoying the print. Your blessing are adorable. B

The Burgess Family said...

Um, snakes, YUCK!! EWH!!! SCREAM!! Your grandbabies on the other hand, CUTE!!! PRECIOUS!!! ONE LUCKY WOMAN!!! :0)
Glad you are feeling better and that your spirits are back up!

Alleluiabelle said...

Your grandbabies are adorable, precious and sweet. They bring the greatest joy to a gramma's heart and an instant smile to our face, don't they?

I don't like snakes...and I didn't like the look of this one at all! Thank you Jesus that the head of that ugly thing was stomped on and crushed to death!

My prayers continue to cover you dear one.

Love you,