Friday, October 23, 2009

The Sound of Silence

The quiet in the sanctuary was almost deafening.

No talking.
No sounds.
Nothing stirring.
Just a muted, tranquil silence.

I could hear my heartbeat. I could hear every breath that I drew. I could hear the inaudible.

Yet - the silence was loudly proclaiming His presence.

There was stillness. There was peace.

There was the unspoken knowledge that in that soft hush, God was there. I could feel Him. I could sense His sweet Spirit.

Oh, yes. There was the definite sound of silence followed by the definite Spirit of God. He was there.

The noiseless sanctuary echoed loudly with the presence of the Lord. I was rooted to the spot. I couldn’t move. I didn’t want to move. I was calmly basking in my sweet Savior’s love. I closed my eyes and had precious fellowship with Him.


I was engulfed in His powerful presence. He ministered to my weary soul. He ministered to my wounded heart.

I sat in the quiet. Tears streaming. Broken. Repentant. Renewed. Whole.

In the silence, I was immersed in the Word. Saturated in the Truth. Mesmerized by Him.

The deafening quiet had vocalized loudly to my spirit.

The silence had spoken.

He is here, Hallelujah.
He is here, Amen.
He is here, Holy, Holy.
I will bless His Name again.

He is here, listen closely.
Hear Him calling out your name.
He is here, you can touch Him.
You will never be the same.



Nancy M. said...

What an awesome silence!

Denise @ A Sacred Longing said...

A silence so powerful and one that we all should quiet our lives for!

Still praying for you and Melissa!

Lisa said...

This post has really moved me. Tears streaming, how I desire the rushing in of His sweet Spirit again. I know that He is drawing me deeper. I need to surrender a few things. Oh how I long for the silence to be broken. The song - He is here is now echoing in my mind and He is calling my name.
Blessings ~ Lisa

Anonymous said...

I am truly moved through your words, Beth. Truly.
God is doing a work in me.
May we dwell in is silence.

May your day be blessed. ~ linda

Loren said...

In the Stillness,
In the Quiet He will Move, will Speak, will Restore

Let if be Lord Let is be!

Nana Jul said...

Oh that you know that you know that you know. When you touch Him you are NEVER the same!
Ps. 30:11&12
Very moving post!

Deb said...

Thank you for sharing this special time with the Savior.

To get quiet before Him. And still.

To know He's with us.

To hear His voice.

Nothing in this world can compare.

Sweet dreams.

Joan Carr said...

Oh,how precious are those moments with God and God alone. Oh What a Saviour, I am so glad he knows my name.

Jackie said...

"In His presence"...............those three words alone strike a cord so deep within my heart the I cannot put into mere words! The Sweetness, the Peace, the vastness of His Love, the Wonder that He loves me and beckons me to that secret place of His Heart and lay my weary head and heart upon His shoulder and breathe in His Love, breathe in the Fragrance of His Peace, Strength and everlasting Joy! Oh, how He loves you and me!
Sweet Blessings!

Greg C said...

Awesome post. It reminded me of our Christmas Eve service this past year. Everyone had a candle and they started by lighting only one and passing the flame around. It was awesome to see that light growing throughout the room in the silence. When the last candle was lit someone started singing Silent Night very softly and before long everyone was singing.

God often speaks to me when I am quietly listening. I think I need to listen more often.

petrii said...

There is nothing like being still before Him. Nothing like His Presence.nothing.

I LOVE that song.

Have a Blessed day friend,

angelonwheels said...

How sweet a moment! Ps. 46:10 " Be stil, and know I AM GOD." What you wrote reminds me of that verse.

LisaShaw said...