Tuesday, January 5, 2010

And He met me there...

Early He awakens me,
stirring my soul.

My flesh resists and sleep tries to overpower.

He persists. My heart begins to stir.

Lord? Is that you?
Do you want me to pray?

I begin to utter quiet praise and petition.

I hear His voice -
No child. Arise and seek Me.
Search for Me,
Long for Me,
Meet with Me.

I will satisfy that thirst within you.
I will quench that dryness that surrounds you.

Seek me in the quiet.
Search for me in the silence.

Let Me be your hearts longing.
Let Me be your expectation.

His Word speaks to me.
His Word confirms.

I want  a heart to know Him.
I want to be His.

The deep recesses of my spirit cry out for more.

More power.
More knowledge.
More Jesus.
More of Him.

He is mine and I am His.

Overwhelm me, Lord. Astound me. Show me.

Silently, I wait. Trusting, loving, expecting.

Learning back against Him.
Letting Him wrap His arms around me.

Feeling His warmth course through my body.
Enjoying sweet fellowship with My Savior.

Early He awakened me.
Stirring my soul.

And He met with me there.


Tammy said...

So beautiful. It's wonderful that our God is into relationships.

love and hugs~Tammy

The Burgess Family said...

Love it!

Yolanda said...

Precious, tender, moments, meant only for you and Your Savior. Seeking....listening.....BELIEVING.


Heart2Heart said...


I had the similar experience today just listening to songs on the radio glorifying God and singing along with them put me sitting at His feet, worshipping Him and spending time with Him today. There truly is no place I'd rather be.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Nana Jul said...

Let ME be your expectation! He expects us to expect Him to show up...And He does...and it's incredible!!

He meets us there, and then so much more!! He lavishes His love on us!
Beautiful Beth!

Cyndi said...

I'm so glad he meets with us!

Get Real Girl said...

So wonderful! Thank you for sharing this. Isn't it amazing and comforting to know that He is always here.

Loren said...

Yes Lord Let it be! We hunger and thirst for MORE of YOU..

Love you Beth!

Karen said...

Beautiful...this is the cry of my heart!

Irritable Mother said...

This is beautiful, Beth.
Just beautiful!

HE is beautiful.

petrii said...

This is where I am right now. Sitting, listening, being still and quiet before Him. It is beautiful.

Love you friend,

PS How is Melissa doing?

Anonymous said...

Last night is one of the first times is a long time that I can not remember turning the TV on...then I put on my pj's grabbed a cup of coffee and a fleece blanket...and curled up with the Good Book-

The only sound in the house was the coffee pot as it was keeping temperature. Peaceful and Warm!

Love ya

Greg C said...

Your writing is so calming for me. When I read the words that you write I feel so at home, so familiar and so warm. I think God is speaking to me through you.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

He is faithful to meet us, as we are faithful to come. Keep pressing in, sister. I'll do the same.


~*Michelle*~ said...


I am so thankful that we serve such a Faithful loving God who meets us where-ever we are and brings Ultimate Comfort!

Jackie said...

Yes Lord, more of You. Oh, my heart cry's to always be so sensitive and available for such precious glorious encounters with You!!

I had a similar time with the Lord yesterday as I was driving down the was as if He invaded my car as I sang praise and worship songs and declared His goodness! Isn't He wonderful! Isn't He precious!

Thank you sweet Beth for once again speaking peaceful, tender words of our powerful Lord!

Sweet Blessings!

Kristy said...

What a truly beautiful post!
Oh that I would always listen to me when He calls me to spend time with Him, instead of all the distractions and to-do lists!

kanishk said...

It's wonderful that our God is into relationships.

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