Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you want the "much more" of life?

"Now if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?" (Matthew 6:30)

Are we experiencing the "much more" in our life that God intends for us?

The life abundant?
The full life that He ordained?

Most of us would probably say that we are not in the "much more" category. But most of us probably desire to be there in a big way! I know that I do.

The key to the "much more" in this life lies in direct correlation to our obedience to God. When we are walking in His ways and we are consecrating our lives in Holiness to Him, we will certainly begin to see the "much more" of Christ start to take shape and thus take root in our spiritual lives.

The more we seek, the more we will find. The "much more" we seek, the "much more" we will find!

The deeper our relationship with God becomes, the deeper our desire to walk in obedience becomes. Once we begin to taste the richness of life walking in the Spirit, the more we will desire to ascend higher and higher in our relationship with Him.

We begin to reach up in anticipation of Him reaching down.

We learn to put our trust soley in the Lord.

We begin to understand the submissive state we have to achieve so we can stay in His will in all things.

Once we obtain the sweet and intimate relationship with Christ that He so desires, we begin to take such delight in our Savior!

He emerges to us in such a new light. We  start to take marvelous joy in discovering who He is and who we are in Him.

Thus our "much more" in this life starts to become more and more evident in the days to come.

We begin to cherish the times we sit before our God and soak in the radiant glory of His presence.

At His Feet, we prostrate ourselves and embark in the wondrous rapture of fellowship with our precious Lord and Savior.

Drenching ourselves in His splendor, we tap into the awesome aspects of His grace that He so lovingly dispenses to us.

As we allow the Holy Spirit to minister to the depths of our souls, we begin to experience the "much more" of a life in Christ.

Sweet communion.
Glorious rapture.
Marvelous grace.
Deep and intimate fellowship.


Father, thank you for the 'much more' that a life walking in your ways offers to us. Thank you for the precious gift of  Your Word. Thank you for the love you bestow on us. Thank you for your sweet mercy and grace. May we walk in obedience to your commandments and experience the fullness of life made possible by the sacrifice of Your Son. You are life and You are breath to us.  In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

In His Mighty Grip,




Andrea said...

Trusting completely and totally in HIM,

Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

Yep, I want "much more" of Him. 'Cause I need it, 'cause I want it, 'cause there is much more! So true, what you said.

Nana Jul said...

Oh How He Loves US!!
He is our breath, there is so much more with Jesus!
How Great is our God!! Lets seek much more!
Love you,

Jamie said...

You know I always love your posts. Yes, more of Him, totally Him!

When did you get to meet Beth? Did you get to go to the Siesta Scripture Memory Team meeting?


petrii said...

I loved "we reach up in anticipation of Him reaching down" I could just feel that so much. I am reaching up and He is reaching down and lifting me up.

Thank you for the word!!

Love to you,

Yolanda said...

Precious and definatley I hunger for the "much more" of His presence, not His presents. It is like the blessings are the over flow, and they cause me to smile and become giddy. But nothing compares to simply knowing and walking with Him.

Love YOU to the moon and never ever back!!

GrammyGoo said...

What am awesome word.

There is nothing that compares to the presence and the glory of the Lord.

Beth, you are so right and I am so encouraged by each of your posts. They are so genuine and reflect love of our Lord Jesus....

Blessings, Ella

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I want to live in God's "much more" everyday, Beth. Your "litany" of ways to get me there, keep me there is rich with application.

Love seeing the pic of you and Mama Beth! Two Beth's in one shot. A portrait of "faith" indeed.


Misty said...

Wow! Wonderful message, sweet friend! He is so good!

Beth in NC said...

So beautiful my Sister!

More of Him. More of Him!

Sassy Granny ... said...

His "more" is inexhaustible! It's like drinking from a fire hose.

As I've grown older, I better understand how important it is to simply seek Him, His presence. It's there - beneath His loving gaze - that my cup is replenished; my heart filled beyond my wildest expectations.

Lovely thoughts, friend.


valerie said...

Yes! I want the "much more" of Him!

The ladies in our church are about to start Beth's Revelation study. She asks that every day we wake up and ask Him for the next 10 weeks of the study to "reveal Yourself to me." She said to ask Him to go out of His way to show up and for Him to reveal something new of Himself.

I can't wait to start that study and to keep that journal.

I wish we could have spent a little more time together in Houston, but it was just too short. Maybe one of these days we'll get to sit and visit.

You are a precious woman of God & I love that we became friends through blogging.

Also, how neat of God to see to it that you won a door prize and for you to get a special hug from Beth! I was so happy that two people I knew from the group of 507 had their names called.

Enjoy the snow!

P.S. Will you e-mail me your physical address?

Nancy said...

I read a book a long time ago called "Something More" by Catherine Marshall. It was an eye opener. From there, I have traveled to where I am today - happy but still seeking the Much More of God.

LisaShaw said...

You are a woman who is deeply in love with the LORD and it shows dear sister.

Your words here lifted my heart:

"Drenching ourselves in His splendor, we tap into the awesome aspects of His grace that He so lovingly dispenses to us."

Love you.