Thursday, January 21, 2010

everyday graces...

Everyday graces...


Dispensed lovingly by an Almighty God who loves me.

Everyday graces....


Gathered tenderly by God and so graciously bestowed upon me.

Grace that never ceases to astound me.
Grace that always seems to surround me.

So lavishly poured out by His Hands in such sweet abundance.

Tenders mercies laced with His Splendor and Might.

His protection
His provision
His healing

Leaving marks of Grace in their wake...

some across my heart...
others etched deep in my soul..
and some just settling in my spirit.

I stand in awe of the grace marks in my life. They reveal. They renew. They restore.

So generously gifted to me by Christ.

Grace that I ponder...
Grace that I treasure.

The sweet grace of  my salvation.
The promise of His Word.

I clutch it tightly in humble gratitude.

The grace of freedom. Freedom from the bondage of sin. Freedom in Christ.

Leaving behind the fingerprints of God.

Imprinted on my life.
Inscribed in my heart.

Everyday graces indeed.

Praise you, Lord. Thank you for all that You are in my life. Thank you for having such mercy and grace on such a sinner like me. I love you and I give you all praise, honor and glory that is so rightfully yours.

As I type this, I just got off the phone with Jimbo. After a canceled flight from Mumbai, India 24 hours ago, due to plane trouble, they are finally about to board and depart from there in about 2 hours. They spent 33 hours in the airport, as there were no hotel rooms available. Please continue to pray for them as they have 20 hours of flying ahead of them.  Thank you so much! They had over 50 salvations on this trip. Praise God for His mercy and His GRACE!



Steph T. said...

Praying for Jimbo and the whole gang!

Beth E. said...

Shew, that's a long time to spend in the airport AND in the air! I'll be praying...

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being lifted and will continue. Praise God for His wall of protection, His saving grace upon those 50 people and the many who will come to know Him due to this group of people on this mission field ... to bring them all home safely and with rejoicing even though they may be weary. The LORD is with them.
loving you, ~ linda

Andrea said...

Praying with you,

Sassy Granny ... said...

Grace. Truly it's sufficient for everything!

Wow. What a trip. I can just imagine he's as eager to get home as you are to have him home.

And praise God for the new creations that have life because of your hubby's obedience. More amazing grace.


Wylie said...

That is AWESOME!!! God is moving!!!

Nana Jul said...

Look what the Lord has done!! 50 lives made new. Names engraved in the palm of His Hand. Talk about leaving imprints..
The grace and mercy. How He Loves us!
and He saw every tear, heard every prayer...
I bet you can't wait to have your husband back in your arms again!
Love you,

Jackie said...

Wonderful words Beth! ......the fingerprints of God...imprinted on my life....inscribed in my heart!! Oh how wonderful, Oh how marvelous is our God!

I continue to pray for Jimbo and his group!

Hugs and Sweet Blessings!

cindy said...

Praying he is home iwth you now.
Your message of grace, is this a song or did you write this? Either way, it is beautiful.

Jackie said...

Just stopping by for an update.....Praying that Jimbo is home safely with you now!

Sweet Blessings!