Monday, January 25, 2010

Brokenness to Grace

How many of us could use a fresh infusion of grace in our lives?

How many of us greatly desire to experience life abundant in Christ? To experience the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives like never before?

I daresay all of us would love that type of an encounter with God. An encounter that would leave us breathless. An encounter that would leave us speechless. An encounter that would totally change us from the inside out.

A prayer-induced, God-ordained, Holy Spirit-anointed, all-out, mind-blowing encounter with Jesus.

The pathway to this encounter is something called brokenness.

We have to realize that brokenness is not just an emotion. It is so much more than that. It has to be a way of life. Brokenness is coming face to face with our own will and absolutely, undeniably, surrendering it to God. It is the complete submission of our life to Him.

Our brokenness will stem from the purposeful choice we make to alter our lifestyle. To alter it in such a way that we completely follow after God’s heart. To realize that we are totally dependent on God IN all things and FOR all things.

Broken hearts are the most receptive hearts. Broken hearts are the most responsive hearts. Through our brokenness, God can begin to restore us to wholeness. Wholeness that is the product of His marvelous, matchless grace.

The greatness of our sin is surpassed only by the greatness of His grace.

So, how do we walk that road to brokenness?

1. We boldly lay down our pride.

2. We strip away all pretenses.

3. We remove that cloak of self-reliance.

4. We choose to walk with Christ and submit to Him daily.

Our brokenness will expose us for who we really are. Sometimes that look we take of our inner self isn’t a pretty one. It can be hurtful, humbling and eye-opening. But once we allow that part to be exposed, we can begin to get honest with ourselves and with God.

And then, He can begin a good work in us. He can begin replacing those undesirable things that we stripped away with desirable things that honor and glorify Him. Step-by-step He works, and step-by-step we grow.

We become determined and purposed. We become more intent on being more like Him.

Our broken state is the beginning of our glorious, transforming journey into a more passionate pursuit of our Savior. We walk from brokenness to repentance. To forgiveness and grace. To a satisfying life of unbridled joy and peace that only comes from our heavenly Father.

We move from the guilt of the past to the promise of the future. We will then encounter Christ in an explosion of new truths. New awareness. New life in Him. New graces.

We will encounter Him in ways that will just amaze us and blow us away. In ways that will leave us in awe of the everyday graces of life in Him.

Those everyday graces that will cause our hearts to stretch toward heaven and that awaken a furious longing in our hearts for a deeper, more intimate relationship with our God. One that was paved on a broken road but concludes on the humble path of new mercies.

Thank you precious Father, that we can humble ourselves before You and that You are faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us and restore us from brokenness to wholeness. Thank you that we don't get what we deserve, but that you lovingly give us grace and mercy. You are so worthy of our worship and our praise.  May we always love you with all that we are and all that we could ever hope to be.

"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time"
(1 Peter 5:6)


Thank you for your prayers for Jimbo and his team. They are safely home (minus their luggage!). Things could have been a lot worse, but we see where God's Hand was in the details and taking care of things in advance. The trip was huge success in that there were almost 500 salvations in the 2 weeks that the team was ministering in India. God gets all the praise and glory for His mighty work! He is working in India in a might way. Continue to pray for the people there and for the missionaries in that area. Thank you for your prayers!



Jackie said...

Sweet Beth.....First I want to rejoice with you that Jimbo is home safely and for the awesome work the Lord did during his time there....500 salvations! Praise Jesus!!

So blessed by your post. So much here.....Amen, brokenness before the Lord is the key. Laying "it" down before Him in total surrender and submitting to the work of the Holy Spirit will bring us to that precious place in Him that is true freedom......That place of being transformed by His grace and mercy into His image. A vessel that He can use and flow through without any hinderances! Glory to God!

Your words bless me!

Sweet Blessings!
PS....The word verification for my comment is "combat"!!.....So blessed to be in the army of the Lord with you dear friend!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Glad the team is home, with a good experience, and thanks for the post. I want to sign up for that infusion!

GrammyGoo said...

Your post encouraged my heart Beth ~~ Rejoicing with you on the safe return of your husband and his team . Glorifying God for the mighty work He is doing in India.
Blessings, GG

Loren said...

Praise the Lord Beth! So happy for Jimbo's return and all who were with him and REjoicing in the news of all those who came to know the LORD ~ WAHOOOOOO!!
Will continue to pray for those precious ones to learn of their Adoption and rejoice in their new creation.

Thankyou for your post as well! May I encounter this daily or hourly ~ whatever I need to do to remain undeniably surrendered to my Father!

Bless you my friend....much love to you and yours

Andrea said...

Praising GOD the team is home safely!!
Blessings, andrea

petrii said...

I loved the words "furious longing". That is where I am, Praise His Name!!! I have this "furious longing" for more of God and His presence. For more of His focus in my everyday, for more of His joy and more of His peace and more of Him. Just Him. in my life. And yes I have also found that it starts with the very difficult progress of brokenness. Thank you for sharing from your heart today. I needed this.

So glad Jim and the team are home safely.

Love you friend,

PS hope your time in Houston was wonderful!!!



Praise God for Jimbo going to India and preaching the word and the results that God brought in with the white harvest that was ready!

This post is one that God wanted me to see. My first words to the Lord this morning were, "Forgive me for my pride." I spoke them as I looked out my window and saw another branch on the ground. It's from an evergreen tree that keeps losing its branches from time to time - sometimes in a heavy wind and sometimes in the perfect calm. The Lord has shown me to pay attention when I see a branch on the ground [from that tree] because it's His reminder to me of some sin [usually pride] that I have overlooked. It's those branches of sin in my life that He is pruning away and tossing in the fire - so that the tree can grow and produce the pure fruit that He intended. Your post rememinded me that those branches are broken off - my brokenness----- and yes--- now a place where I can receive His Word, respond to His love, and God can work in my life. PRIDE is such an ugly word to me because it sneaks up on me when I least expect it. I want it out of my life. It does nothing to bring God glory. May He purge and prune and strip away ALL that gets in the way of my relationship with Him.

Thanks for your Word of TRUTH today! God has spoken volumes through it!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie
JESUS ONLY in 2010

LisaShaw said...

Precious Sister, I thank the LORD for everyone returning safely and I continue to pray.

Your message here is so full. My heart hung on every word. Thank you for sharing so powerfully as you glorify the LORD.

Love you and your family and my prayers remain...

Nana Jul said...

Glory to God on Jimbo's safe return!
Your post reminds me of the song "Sweetly broken" and also my Theme verse Ps 30:11-12 You turned my wailing into dancing, you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy. That my heart may sing to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever.

Nancy said...

So glad your husband is home safely and he had such a great harvest of souls. Thank you for your lovely post. I have found this true just recently.

Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

Beth, I read this and instantly I thought of this verse! Yes and Amen.

"16 For You do not desire sacrifice, or else I would give it;
You do not delight in burnt offering. 17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, A broken and a contrite heart— These, O God, You will not despise." Psalm 51:16&17 NKJ

Irritable Mother said...

Yes. Praising God with you for your husband's return and the work in India!

Thank you for these words about brokenness. I do want to experience life abundant in Christ, to have a fresh infusion of grace. Yes! And I agree with you regarding what you have said here. Through brokenness, He can take me there.
So thankful for His grace and mercy, and perfect wisdom!

Steph T. said...

SOOOO Glad he is home!! Yeah God!!