Thursday, August 26, 2010

seeking Him early

As I write this, I am sitting in the sanctuary of my church at the altar. The quiet inside is almost overwhelming. So peaceful. No air stirring. No sounds nor movement. Silence.

The sounds I can hear outside seem very distant. They seem a lifetime away and after a few moments, I don't even notice them anymore. Nothing but the sound of silence fills my ears.

I felt God drawing me into His temple today. Like a magnetic pull on my spirit, it beckoned me and I had to come. As I walked the short distance from my home to the church, I felt the anticipation of an encounter with God building deep within my heart. And as I opened the doors to the sanctuary and began walking down the aisle, I felt His mighty presence descend upon me. It was thick and it was powerful.

I love being in His house. I love the stillness of His sweet spirit settling down on my soul as I just sit and bask in the glory of His sweet presence. I sit in awe of His tender love and care for me.

The altar is baptized with my tears as my heart cries out in thankfulness. Thankful for deliverance. Thankful for His presence in my life. Thankful for the sacrifice of His Son. Thankful for the freedom of worship.

As I lay myself out for the covering of His mercy and grace, I lay down some things in confession. As I spend intimate time with my Savior, I feel the burdens lifting from me.  I pour out my deepest thoughts and feelings to God. I relinquish control of my life to my Creator. Letting go of some hurt and some guilt. Confessing those things that He already knows and that He has already forgiven.

I am so thankful that God doesn't keep a record of sins. I am thankful that He is a forgiving God. I am thankful that He knows our hurts. I am so thankful that He cares.

The sanctuary is my refuge. As I sit at His feet, there is safety and security. Peace and comfort. I am in His dwelling place. I am in His House. His Holy temple. His sweet spirit is all around and the thickness of His presence presses down on my head.

An unquenchable thirst arises deep within and creates an insatiable hunger for that intimate relationship with my Father.  I want Him to abound in me more. I desire for Him to surround me and astound me. As I am filled to overflowing with His goodness, I begin to sing.

'He is here... Hallelujah. He is here... Amen.
He is here... Holy-holy.... I will bless His name again.
He is here... Listen closely. Hear Him calling out your name.
He is here.. you can touch Him. You will never be the same."

I arise from the altar, vowing to be different when I walk out the doors than I was when I came in. I am leaving some things at His feet that I don't want to pick up again. I am taking a new revelation of Him with me. I am leaving renewed and restored. Placing my life in His mighty Hands and beginning with new mercies.

Oh, Lord, I place my hand in your hand and desire to walk with you for all the days of my life. As I renew my commitment to you and your kingdom work, I feel a new joy bubble up in my spirit. A new appreciation for the amazing gift of salvation and eternal life. May I indeed, never be the same.

"I love them that love me; and those that
seek me early shall find me"
(Proverbs 8:17)


Mari said...

This is beautiful. It does take the quiet places to meet and LISTEN to God. I could use a special place like that now!!

Barbara said...

Amen I love that verse, and it seems God is so much closer in the early hours of the day, when all is still, and quiet, we can really hear him speak to us, thanks for this, hugs and blessings, Barbara

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your time at the altar...I felt as if I were there with you...such a blessing!

ElissaM said... have an amazing faith and I love to read about it. It inspires more than you know. Jesus Bless you:-)

Cricket said...

You make me want to run home, grab the key to the church and just go...I think I may have to do just that...

Love ya bunches....

LisaShaw said...

Oh Beth,

I love every moment of seeking Him early, mid day, late day, over night and at any time...

Thank you for this beautiful sharing of your time with the LORD.

Love your heart for HIM!!! Thankful for HIS love for us!!!! and the privilege we have of loving HIM in return!!

Wanda said...

Beth such a sweet presence of adoration and praise emanates from your post. Makes me what to still away with Him.

HisFireFly said...

I preached Sunday morning about surrender.. and your prayer is an awesome example!

Gina said...

This one really touched my heart. I long to be closer to my Savior each day. Just to feel His presence in my life.

angelonwheels said...

How Beautiful Beth! You are such a blessing to me! When I "look at you" through your blogs it makes me desire to long for the Lord as you do!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

A beautiful post....Sounds like a good idea for all of us...Have a Great Sunday

D.J. Hughes said...

"The altar is baptized with my tears as my heart cries out in thankfulness. Thankful for deliverance. Thankful for His presence in my life. Thankful for the sacrifice of His Son. Thankful for the freedom of worship."

This is so very, very beautiful indeed. Both the words, and the heart within them, are profound and moving and real. Those moments at the altar, just us and Jesus, within the quietness of his holy sanctuary, are the moments that, for me, testify to Who God is.

Amen, and amen!