Monday, August 2, 2010

crosses, corn and a message from God

At this time of the year, I just love living deep in the heart of farm country. Our house is surrounded by acres of fields filled with a variety of crops. And each time I get a glimpse of the fruit of a farmers labor, I get a distinct glimpse of God and His goodness.

Each field at this point in the season, is bountiful with the beauty of the harvest. Rich, dark green soybeans cover the ground like a blanket, as well as the bright green blades that hold grains of rice deep within. The tall, majestic stalks of corn waving gently in the breeze are just about ready to be cut and harvested.

As my husband and I were traveling the highway home a few days ago, we passed acres and acres of corn. We pass this way several times a week, but this particular time as we approached these 3 crosses that stand just off the highway, I  felt compelled to stop. The crosses stood in sharp contrast to the stalks of corn standing tall behind them. The crosses caught me eye, but it was the corn stalks that beckoned to me. It was almost as if they cried out to me with a message to deliver.

For all intents and purposes, the corn appears to be ruined. To someone that is not from this area, it would seem like the corn was just burned up and dead and not good for anything. But in this part of the country, corn is grown to be ground into feed and things like that, so the corn that is seemingly dead is actually just now ripe for harvest. That which appears to be ruined is perfect.

God gently spoke to my heart as I stood by my car and took pictures of the crosses and the corn. He lovingly reminded me that we, too, need to be like that corn. Dead so we can be alive. Dying to self so we can be living for Him. Imperfect in ourselves, yet perfected in Him.

Once we have essentially died to ourselves and sacrificed the very part of our flesh that cries out to be glorified, God can then begin working in us to mold us into a vessel to be used of Him and for His Kingdom. And then and only then, can He be glorified through us. 

God showed me that day that there is still lots of 'me' that is alive and kickin' that needs to be dead and dyin'. I still have things to learn. I still have areas of my life that need God's mighty touch. I still have things I need to turn over to Him.

I desire to be all that I can be for Him. I want my life to bring Him glory and honor. I want to fully place my life in His hands and be strong in my faith. I want God to be my everything.

I want to be ripe for the harvest. A harvest of spiritual growth. A harvest of a deeper relationship with him. A harvest of winning souls for His kingdom purpose.
"...Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are
white already to harvest" (John 4:35)


Loren said...

Oh Beth! I agree with this post for myself....Sooo much of me needs to be dead and dying too! More of HIM and less of me for sure!

Wonderful post and I know the Lord has anointed you to write this post! Truly, HE is shining in you today and always!!!

Love you

Yolanda said...

Oh Sister, I still have much, much, much that needs to die with-in me as well. What a great visual, sowing seeds for a mighty harvest.

With love,

Barbara said...

Good post Beth, and we all must die to self daily, and see what our lord sees, the fields are so white unto harvest, and the labors are few, God bless you as you serve him, blessings, Barbara

BECKY said...

Oh Beth, This is the constant cry of my let Him reign in every area of my life, holding nothing back, keeping none of the rubbish that wars against His spirit.

You are such a great teacher, encourager and blessing to me! Thank you for that!

Love the analogy He gave you of the dead corn. He is so awesome to teach His truths in such clear ways to us isn't He??
Have a joyful week!

Big Squishy Hugs to you,

NanaNor's said...

Hi Beth, What a good post...yes we all need to purge ourselves of so many things.
Hugs to you today.

~ Being Woven said...

To be granted such a lesson as you stood beneath the crosses looking upon the field of corn...God has such incredible ways to bring us to our knees.
I live amidst sorghum and cotton fields and am in wonder of the men and women who farm at the mercy of the Lord's hand, his watering can. They too must die to self each year when there is no water or too much water. Just as we must lay these lives down for Him.
Congratulations, Beth! I have not been reading much lately and missed Silas!!!!! Cutey! (of course, they all are!)
loving you, ~ linda

Nana Jul said...

Not my will, but thy will be done!
I love the "too much of me is alive and kickin, but needs to be dead and dyin"....
Our Pastor stopped the sermon on Sunday with...It's not about's about HIM.
Love ya Beth...I love how he SPEAKS, and the lengths he'll go to get things through to us!


I just love how you came upon these crosses!

Down the road from my house is a tiny little church where one man made three very large crosses that are thick and stout. They are placed along the road too and they really catch your eye.

Reminds me of what each one represents.
The center one where Christ was represents the way to eternal life - through Christ.

The one side cross represents those [sinners] who reject that center cross and lose eternal life with God - receiving eternal judgment instead.

The one of the right side [of Christ] reminds me that Christ gives ALL an opportunity - even up to the last breath - to come to Him and follow Him. That last thief [sinner] recognized that He was GOD and was carried into glory with Jesus that day!

These three crosses represent the world and God. They either embrace Him or they deny and reject Him.

What a visual! It is powerful and much needed to be shared here today, Beth!

Bless you heart for stopping to photograph them!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

FACT: notice how mosta the kids of unbelievers have 'laissez-faire' faces? while the kids of believers show they know where they're going - down deep in their soul? Yes, you got it, girl. We have only a short time on this earth, our weee, Finite Existence, to do what is RIGHT. God doesn't decide what we shall do. WE do. WE make a decision to choose either Heaven or Hell by our daily actions. WE have free will. Then, we're dead. All of U.S. What a fat, foolish person who sez, 'withis I'm well satisfied (the riches, honor, and glory of the world). No need to plan for MY future. I'll build bigger barns to store it in.' Fool, God sez. For this very night your Finite Existence shall be demanded of YOU. MORAL IS: store TRE-sures (that highlighted word is French, meaning VERY) in Heaven by humility, meekness, prayer, courage, fortitude... And I'll see you Upstairs in Heaven Above where we'll celebrate our resurrection for many years. Love you. See ya soon. God bless you --- JUSTORUM ANIMAE IN MANU DEI SUNT ET NON TANGENT ILLOS TORMENTUM MORTIS (Latin: the just [wo]man shall be in everlastin rememberance). Be at peace.

sister sheri said...

How beautiful! I have never seen corn like that... so I wouldn't have ever understood that the corn was ripe... I would think it was good for nothing. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Nancy M. said...

Awesome thoughts! Definitely something I need to keep in mind!