Monday, December 13, 2010

in the silence of the night

In the silence of the night, a mother cradles the stark roundness of her stomach and lets out a soft sigh.

The stars that were shining that night, shone with an added measure of brilliance. Never before had they sparkled with such a glow.

The small stable she was in was nothing more than a tiny indention in a hillside. There was nothing fancy about it. Just a dirt floor with a scattering of hay and a few animals settling in for the night.

As the mother began to realize that the time had come for the baby to be born, she prayed.

In the silence of the night, she communed quietly with God. She knew that which had been revealed to her by an angel was about to take place. Her baby boy - the Christ child - would soon make His grand entrance into the world.

A baby was about to be born that would change everything.

A Holy hush fell over all of Bethlehem that night. The air was tingling with the almighty presence of God. It was heavy with the very fullness of His glory.

Heaven coming down to earth. The Word becoming flesh.

In the silence of the night, Mary rested against the hay. Joseph had readied a small manger and it was filled with tufts of hay. Ready for the infant to be gently placed there after His birth.

As Mary glanced at the empty manger, she tried to imagine the baby nestled deep inside. A baby who would be born King. A baby who would be called the Son of the Highest. The Son of God. A baby that she would call 'Jesus'.

The baby that would change everything.

And Mary smiled and whispered the same words to God that she had uttered that day the angel appeared to her many months before. "Be it unto me according to thy Word."

In the silence of that night, the tiny baby boy made His entrance. From heaven to earth. From God to man. He slipped into this world as an infant that was conceived of the Holy Spirit. Born to a virgin.

His small cries that night filled the whole earth. His mother gently swaddled Him, kissed the precious face of God and lovingly laid Him in the manger.

The Word had become flesh. The baby had been born. They baby that had been born to die. The baby who would change everything.

Full of grace and Truth.
God with us.

Oh, come let us worship Christ the King!

"And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary;
for thou hast found favor with God.
 And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb,
and bring forth a son,
and shalt call his name JESUS." 
(Luke 2:30,31)


Andrea said...

I am always blessed when I come here! THANK YOU!!

mholgate said...

Lovely post really touched my heart.


Michelle said...

I sat here and pondered over what may have been Mary's thoughts.
This is a lovely post. Thanks

Beth E. said...

Amen! Beautiful, Beth. :-)


Amen Sister Beth! Praise God that He sent Jesus to save sinners like me! :-)

God Bless You


Nancy said...

Such a quiet, lovely scene. You can picture yourself there with the shepherds. O, what a glouious night!

Sarah said...

Such a joy to stop by today. You bless me with your words and His heart.

Wanna do something spunky and eternal this Christmas? Then, you are nvited you to a water buffalo party! No formal attire required, just stop by and splash along with us.

Be blessed bunches,

Andrea said...

Thank you for your honest and heartfelt comments on arise 2 write, today. I am blessed by your visits!

Warren Baldwin said...

Great post about what Christmas really is about.

Sonja said...

The old old story of Bethlehem is stil new every time I hear it! You said it so beautifully here tonight. The baby that has made all the difference!

BECKY said...

Hi Beth! What a sweet blessing from you today! It would have been incredible to be there, huh? To witness the mighty Christ as a babe in a manger...truly awesome to even think about!!

I so appreciate your sweet comments on my blog. You are lovely inspiration to me!

May your Christmas be filled to overflowing with the joy, peace, hope and love of our Savior!

Love and hugs,

Barbara said...

Amen Beth wonderful, yes indeed when man could not go to God he came to man, no other story has the wonderful meaning of life in it.
Hugs my friend, and be blessed, Barbara

petrii said...

"The baby that would change everying...." indeed friend. This post gave me goosebumps. Absolutely beautifully written Beth. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us.

Love you sister,

Warren Baldwin said...

Read it again. I'd like to use it on my radio prgoram Dec. 21. Is that ok?