Saturday, May 28, 2011

a great week

I've had a great week. We had VBS at our church and my girls and grandkids stayed here all week to make it easier for them to attend each morning since they live about 25 miles from my house. It was a week full of joy and a week full of lots of sweet but loud, small voices . What I like to refer to as joyful chaos. I think I swept my floor a thousand times, washed a million loads of clothes and bought a small fortune worth of groceries. At least. But it was a lot of fun and God used this week to speak to my heart in lots of ways.
I have a room that I do my bible study in and the smaller grandchildren call it my 'bible room'. I went in this morning to have my quiet time and saw this index card among the others.  Mercie had made a card just like Nana. You will never know how that touched my heart when I laid eyes on it.

Eli had called me outside yesterday afternoon to take a picture of him in a tree. He said, 'Nana, my second favorite thing to do is climb this tree. My first favorite thing to do is Praise Jesus.'  My heart just melted right then and there.

As I was reading in Hebrews this week, this verse ushered in strong conviction to my heart. 

"So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief."
(Hebrews 3:19)

Oh, Lord, let me not be guilty of unbelief. Let me taste the goodness of You and see my worth made possible through the precious blood of your Son. May I trust only in You.

As we were unpacking Melissa's things from Baton Rouge and repacking them for her move to Boston, I found this letter that Mikaela had written her Aunt Melissa earlier this year. It just made me smile to realize how close our family is and how much love there is to go around. 

There were times this week when I was praying for some peace and quiet. But now that they have all gone home, I am left with a silence that reminds me of the joyfulness of the chaos! I found a little pair of Silas' overalls in the dryer this morning. I found a little stuffed dog that Sawyer left behind. I discovered Mikaela's American Girl horse on the bed where she slept.  I found multiple fingerprints on my glass tabletop.

 There are at least two ways you can tell if someone -  who will remain unnamed-  has been in the curio cabinet playing with the nativity sets. One way is that the donkey is in the spot where baby Jesus is supposed to be...

and another way is that the poor shepherd is taking an unscheduled nap beside the wise man.


We found Sawyer one morning wearing his papa's glasses and doing a good imitation of "Preacherman".  I pray that God will have a distinct calling upon his life and that he will hear and obey. If have four grandsons so far - perhaps one of them will be a preacher like their Papa.

I was overwhelmed several times during bible school at the graciousness of our Lord. As I saw 50 or more children each day coming to the church and having the privilege of learning about Jesus and not being afraid of persecution, my heart just filled up with such gratitude for God's mercy on our nation so far. I pray that our country will realize how blessed a people we are and that we will recognize our sin, turn from our wickedness and fall on our faces in repentance and in surrender to our God and King. He is truly worthy of our praise and our honor and all glory....

"And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshiped God, saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honor, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen"
(Revelation 7:11-12)

Mikaela is such a great big sister. She is such a loving and sweet girl and I thank the Lord for her every day! She is a precious gift from God indeed!


Bryton did a great job during commencement last night. He got up on stage and sang his little heart out with his class and I was so proud! After Eli's class sang, he said "Nana, Eli did a great job!"

Any time I start to wonder "why?" I read this card. My heart has been so heavy for the people devastated this past week by tornadoes. We live in an area that is known for tornadoes and we were in the path of several ourselves and only by the grace of God missed any terrible destruction. I pray that those affected find peace and comfort in the loving arms of our Savior.


"My flesh and my heart faileth; but God
is the strength of my heart, and
 my portion for ever." 
(Psalm 73:26)
Thank you, Lord for the amazing privilege of being a wife, mother and grandmother. May I bring only honor to what you have called me to do and may I always show others You with my words and actions. Thank you for your grace and mercy in my life.


Barbara said...

Beth you are so vey blessed, I really enjoyed all your comments here posted, and what a great family you have, looks like little ones following in your footsteps, amen...Hugs and have a wonderful weekend. Barbara♥

NanaNor's said...

Dearest friend, Is it any wonder why you and I feel so close-firstly because of our Jesus but also the precious grands our Lord has blessed us with. You know, reading about each of them and the things they did while at your home, made me feel right there and blessed me too. I cherish you and yours dear one and count myself blessed because the Lord gracious brought us together.

D.J. Hughes said...

Oh my goodness. This is so precious, I have to go back and enjoy it again. The note card to match Grandma's card with a verse - the played with nativity set - the tree climbing. What a beautiful week to spend together. What a blessing. Just reading this post and seeing the pictures brings joy to my heart.

How blessed you are!

DJ :)

Susan B said...

I've just found your lovely blog, and have become a follower. I've enjoyed your post. You have a precious family.

LisaShaw said...

Hey precious!

So encouraging to read your sharing and see the awesome family photos.

I prayed over your family as I read.

God is soooo good isn't He?! Yes He is!

Much love to you dear one as you continue to serve the LORD and your family with a heart of love.

Cherie Hill said...

Wow sister, the Lord spoke Hebrews 3:19 to me all week this week. AND I LOVE what you wrote, "God allows in His wisdom that which He could easily prevent in His power." Sister, I NEEDED these words! Today, you were my burning bush!!!!
Blessings and hugs,

Stacey Dawn said...

Almost speechless - so touched - so amazed and in awe of those precious babies and their love for God.

So glad you are safe - praying for all those affected.

Nana Jul said...

You have captured some very precious moments - my favorites are: Preacher man Sawyer, Mercy's card like her Nana's, and Eli's second favorite thing is climbing trees - his first is Praising the LORD!! Treasures...

Tammi said...

This just blessed my heart! God is so good!! It is evident that you & your family has such a sincere love for Him! Such encouragement to my heart this morning! :) Thank you for sharing!