Monday, September 19, 2011

fingerprints on my soul

In His Presence,
there is peace and comfort.

His goodness surrounds me and fills me with joy.

My Spirit is engulfed with His mercy and
saturated by His generous grace.

I am stilled by the awesome wonder of His majesty.

And I feel Him.....

The air is thick with the presence of Jehovah. Pressing down
and making it hard to breathe.

I sense Him and feel the warmth of Him cascade over me.

I can feel the tingle of His touch and look to see if He 
left visible fingerprints on my skin or 
perhaps only on my soul.

He is here and I close my eyes and worship.

King of glory.
God Almighty.
Prince of Peace.

I sit quietly, wrapped tightly in His embrace. 
Experiencing the ministry of the Holy Spirit deep
in my hungry soul, and enjoying 
sweet fellowship with my Savior.

The Presence of the Lord is overwhelming and astounding.

The sheer majesty of the One enthroned above settles
down upon me and fills me completely with His love.
His goodness. His power. His presence.

I sit in silence with my head tilted toward the heavens and my
heart flung wide open, ready to receive. My eyes are focused on Him
and my arms are reaching high to surrender my all.

All to Jesus. All to Him.

I fall on my face and I worship.

"My soul followeth hard after thee...." 
(Psalm 63:8)


God's grace moments in my life last week:

Laylah enjoying a beautiful sunny day in her 3rd week of life.
Laylah getting her first taste of the boppy and not being too thrilled at first.
Watching these 2 amazing little boys play and being so thankful that I am blessed to be their Nana.
The pure joy of colorful jawbreakers.
My girl holding her girl..... it's almost too much for this mama' s heart.
Papa with little Laylah Beth after church on Sunday. She already has him wrapped tightly around her little bitty finger!

Thanking God for His bountiful blessings that He so lovingly bestows on me daily. Blessings so undeserved but so gratefully accepted. Our God is faithful and abundant and true. He is good and His mercy endures forever.


petrii said...

Oh Beth, what a beautiful post. I'm glad to see Jim back. I prayed for him and his team.

I love you sweet friend ~~ Dawnj

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

I just LOVE all the sweet pictures !! Thanks for sharing!


Denise J. Hughes said...

"I sit in silence with my head tilted toward the heavens and my
heart flung wide open, ready to receive."

Love this. This is truly my heart's prayer.

What a beautiful baby. She must bring you so much joy.

T.O. Geezer aka ~Ron said...

Laylah looks like she's ready to get out there and play with the rest of the gang :-)

God bless and have a nice day :-)