Saturday, September 24, 2011

my heart seeks

My heart seeks many things. What does it seek the most? More intimacy with God. I desire to grow deeper and deeper in love with Christ every day. I am seeking to know Him like never before. To know the deep things of God. To have a heart like His. 

One of the best ways to grow in relationship with the Lord is to memorize His Word. I am on verse # 18 in my scripture memory for this year.  I keep my spiral on my desk so I see it each morning as I go in my study to get with God. I recite my current verse each morning and then go back and recite all the ones previous to that.  Every now and then I go back and recite my 24 verses from last year so I can keep them in my memory. When you start memorizing the Word of God, you will be pleasantly surprised at how close you draw to His Spirit. There is nothing like planting His Word firmly in your head and heart to bring you to a deeper intimacy with Him.
My heart seeks a relationship with my sweet grandbabies. I soaked up a lot of baby lovin' this past week. My youngest daughter and her family left this morning headed to Colorado to work for a few months so I needed to store some of that sweet love up in my heart so it will last me a while!

My greatest desire for my grandchildren is that they grow up to love the Lord with all of their hearts. I pray that above all else, they will be seekers of God. I pray that God will just captivate them and draw them to His side. May they love Him and accept Him as their Savior and serve Him forever.
"But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall
worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father seeketh 
such to worship Him" (John 4:23)
My heart was so blessed today when I talked to my little Mercie on the phone. She sang a sweet song for me and I quickly realized she still has trouble with her 'C's - little  Miss 'Muppet' was eating her 'turds' and whey.....

Megan said she pulled up my blog the other day and Silas pointed at my picture and hollered "Nana"! That did my heart a world of good! I miss them so much!! I'm thinking I need to plan a road trip to Pennsylvania soon.
My heart seeks to be totally surrendered to Christ. I desire to be so committed to Him that I don't hesitate to be obedient in anything! Oh, Lord give me the courage to step out in Faith and do what You have called me to do.  May I seek your Face above all else!

"When thou said, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee,
They face, LORD, will I seek"  (Psalm 27:8)
My heart is full of love for my boys.  I loved seeing Bryton help his little brother ride his bicycle. Even though Sawyer couldn't peddle it, Bryton walked along side him and was so sweet!

Nana loves you Bryton and Sawyer!
My heart is full of love for my sweet girl. Just seeing her sweet little face is just too much! I spent hours just holding that little one this week so I could store plenty of it up in my heart to hold me over until they come home!

Of course, I had to get a picture of her in one of the little tutus I made her.

Early this morning, we made our way to our daughters house to tell them goodbye. I will miss them so much, but I know that they are doing what has to be done. Cody needs to work and they need to be together as a family. I pray God's blessings upon then and will hold all the stored up love and memories in my heart until I get to hold them in my arms again. 

Nana loves you Laylah Beth
Thank you, Lord, for blessing me for now with these. I have a heart so full of love that it is overflowing. I have been blessed beyond measure and you have generously dispensed grace to me. I am so unworthy but I am so grateful for your mercy. I love you with all that is within me. I give you all praise and glory that is due your mighty Name. 

Living to see His Face, 



Yolanda said...

Miss Beth,

Thinking about you this morning as I prepare to go for a long run, just I and the Lord. I am asking Him to fill both of us up, YOU AND I, with His love to lavishly pour out upon others. To remind us when we are alone, that we really aren't, as He is always with us. And that life is meant to be husband and wife, and with our children away from us, they are fulfilling this very role. May you and I lavishly love God and then our Men!


Sonja said...

oh I already sense your heart of missing them this morning Beth. Praying for God's peace and that your heart will rest knowing they are safe in His hands until they return. You already know how beautiful I think they all are. You are indeed blessed.


PS...the lisp is so cute and what comes out is hilarious. Our youngest still has a lisp, and he is so precious when he tells us his stories. They are working to get him past it... I will miss it! :)

Barbara said...

Praying for you sweet Beth, and know how missing our dear children can feel, we live away from all of mine, tough at times, but God does fill the empty places of my heart.
Have a great weekend, and God bless and give comfort. Hugs

Denise said...

Our desires are the same!Makes me happy to visit you.

Nancy M. said...

Nice to visit here again with you! Your grandbabies are so beautiful!

risa french said...

Beth i cant tell you how thankful to our Lord I am for you and Jimbo. I read your blog and am so touched and inspired by every post but more than anything it means the world to me to know the grandbabies are blessed to have grandparents like you and jimbo. I thank God for you and the heart you share with us here. And i love how you love with such a pure and sweet tenderness toward God and toward your family. My sweet son is blessed to be your son-in-law and to be your family. God has really blessed our families. I love you my friend. God Bless Risa

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

thank you Risa - i am so undeserving, but God is...