Saturday, August 11, 2012

consider it all joy

"Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, when you face trials
of many kinds. Because you know that the testing of your
faith produces perseverance."

(James 1: 2,3)

Life is hard. It can be excruciating at times. But one thing that I have learned in my 50 years of living is that God will always see us through. Always. 

Several weeks ago, I couldn't even imagine the journey that my family would be taking right now. In fact, it has only been 12 days and at times seems like 12 years and then other times it seems like it all began just yesterday. Our hard road started the day that my newest little grandson, Titus, was born. What a contrast of events.  Joy to gloom. Just like the book of James talks about.

I don't think that it is any coincidence that I put off teaching the study of James, 'Mercy Triumphs' until precisely this time. God knew when I would need to call upon what I am learning and He ordained the study for just the right time. I have spent the last 5  months memorizing the book of James in preparation for the study and God has done some amazing things through the knowledge of that Word in my life. He knows what is best and He knows just when we are going to need a specific teaching in our lives. He is so good.

My family has been walking this path day by day. Step by step. In Psalms 84:7, the writer tells us that God will take us from strength to strength and that is exactly what my sweet Lord has done for me and for my family during this trial. I am continuing to wait upon the Lord and allow Him to guide our steps and guard our hearts and fully trust in Him. In all things. And when we do that, He will show Himself faithful and true to those who believe in Him. 

I am thankful that there are so many ways I have seen and experienced the love of Christ these past 12 days. 

I loved seeing my daughters older children loving on their new little brother the day he came home from the hospital.

Nana got in some rocking chair time with him as well. I am in love with that little boy already!

The many faces of Mercie always bring a smile to my face. I love that little girl... Thank you Lord for her healing 9 months ago!

Mikaela has such sweet love for her littlest brother. 

Me and Eli loving on little Titus.

I love to watch a sleeping baby. Such innocence. Praying over this little one already that he will be a little boy seeking after the heart of God!!

Rod and Megan with Titus. They are such great parents to all their children. The Lord has truly blessed them and I am thankful for their dedication to Him and their family.


Every morning I pray for a Word and then text a scripture to my sister and my mom. He has never failed to give me just what we need on that particular day. He knows the trials and so He knows the answer. Each Word is timed specifically for what our heart is crying out to receive. We serve such a loving and merciful God.


A sleepy little smile from this blessing brought a huge smile to my face.

Silas finally held his little brother for a picture - not sure what he is thinking here!


I am depending totally upon my Lord to get me and my family through these next weeks, months and years of my sisters journey with this awful disease. I also know that God is the one who has the final diagnosis. Man is only able to do what God empowers man to do. So the final authority is always our God's!  Christ died so that we could have life abundant in Him and my prayer is just that for Cari. I am praying Healing and Restoration upon her. I am praying that God will do such a mighty and powerful work in her and through her that He will get so much glory and honor that it will be astounding! I am praying that He will do what only He can do! I am believing and asking in faith. And I know that through it all... my God is faithful.

"Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the
church to pray over them and anoint them with oil
in the name of the Lord.

And the prayer offered in faith, will make the sick
person well; the Lord will raise them up. If 
they have sinned, they will be forgiven"

James 5:14, 15


Please continue to pray for my sister - We are still in that awful waiting stage of tests and such. She will have another bone marrow biopsy next week and will get results of lots of blood work. Then, finally, we will get a treatment plan... so God can start to work!


angelonwheels said...


I am so sorry! I love and will pray! God is still God, today, as he has always been!

Debbie Petras said...

I love the photos of the precious children and baby Titus. I love how you pray for his salvation too. I do that for my great niece Kenzie who is only four months old.

Isn't the Lord wonderful how He knows what we need and just when we need it. I have that James study on my list but am currently doing one on Revelation. Maybe that needs to be my next one?

Blessings and love,

NanaNor's said...

Hi my dear friend, Love seeing little Titus-how I look forward to seeing our own little grandson next month. You are blessed Beth, with all the grands to bring rays of Sonshine during the cloudy moments. I don't know whether I told you previously, but my only sister had cancer so I have walked where you are now. I can testify that His grace is sufficient and will carry you all. I am so thankful that you text your mom & sis a verse daily-what a ministry. Could you let me know specifically what type of cancer she is dealing with? That will help as I lift her up. Sending big hugs and tons of love to you.

Sonja said...

You are so abundantly blessed with beautiful babies!! Just beautiful!!

Praying right with you Beth. I was one that the elders and pastors came and prayed over and annointed with oil when I had spinal meningitis at age 12. I should not have lived. I did live! GOD alone, as you have said, knows the final outcome on each of us. I pray for God's complete healing for your sister, and for the peace of God for each of you as you journey these days. There is no greater safety than trusting in The Great Physician.

Hugs to your sister, and a big one for baby Titus. :)

Nana Jul said...

Yes sweet sister...He knew what you would need way way before you did. His exact WORD to get you through...and that is what He'll do walk through this with you and your family! Praying for Cari and standing in agreement for Healing and restoration. May God get all the GLORY!
Titus is such a cute bumpkin!
Love ya!

Barbara said...

precious family, they certainly a heritage from the lord, I have a lot too, and love each one. Have a blessed day, and sorry I am not around much these days. Hugs


He's just precious! Love his name too!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie