Tuesday, August 28, 2012

seeking and searching

I have spent this past week seeking fervently for a WORD from my sweet Lord. I have been in desperate need of hearing His sweet voice whisper to my spirit. And for the most part, He has been strangely quiet. Little glimpses of a WORD here and there but really no definite and powerful WORD that my flesh is strongly desiring. And as I pondered that today, my precious Lord spoke. You see, my flesh is hungry for a WORD but it is my spirit that needs to be searching intently and listening. I have been allowing my flesh to dictate my emotions this week and I have not been allowing my spirit to connect with my Lord and settle down into my soul. And I knew better.

 But there are times when our emotions are so raw and so near the surface, that we have a hard time allowing God to really move in our hearts and in our spirits. It's almost like we are afraid of what will emerge from deep within. And then we start feverishly looking for some direction and for a much needed WORD and in that search we find it. The sweetness and the goodness of God. The wonder and the awe of just who our God is. We find His mercy and His grace. We find His beauty and His compassion. We just simply find Him. And that is enough. 


"I am instructed both to be full
and to be hungry"
(Philippians 4:12)

I love this verse. It just speaks to my spirit in a very powerful way. We are to allow the WORD to penetrate and saturate our spirits but we should never let that knowledge of the word keep us from desiring more.

Our fullness in Him should always whet our appetite for more of Him. It should be a catalyst in our souls that creates a HUGE longing for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our Savior.

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Nana Jul said...

I love how the Lord keeps it all so plain and simple. Knowing Him is enough! It's a matter of trust.
Love you so much!
He's got ya!

Elizabethd said...

He never offers us any complications, just the simple fact of who He is.

NITA said...

Thank you for sharing this. A deeper personal relationship with Him, is something I am being convicted on.