Monday, August 20, 2012

it's not easy, but it is possible.

There is no doubt in my mind that if I had gone through these last 3 weeks without God right by my side, I would never have emerged intact. It has been a very tough 21 days. As tough as it has been on me, my mom and my brother, I can't even begin to imagine how hard it has been on my sister and her husband and their son.  But through it all, my precious sister has walked it out with grace. Amazing grace that I know could only come from the Lord. 

 It has been a time of  testing. And of waiting. A time of desiring answers and not really getting any. A time of watching my sister go through some very painful tests and be unable to do anything other than pray. A lot. 

But the amazing thing is that we made it through. All of us. We are finally getting to end of the road that seems to lead to nowhere and get on the path of treatment so we can see God work a miracle. 

It hasn't been easy. It hasn't been without anxiety and unrest. It hasn't been without the shedding of a lot of tears. It hasn't been without some sleepless nights. It is hard to know someone you love is hurting and scared. It is hard to feel helpless. And to feel guilty because it isn't you. 

But God has been so faithful. He has been so loving and so sweet. He has given generously to our hearts and spirits and enabled us to go from strength to strength in Him. 

The Word of God has been my lifeline during this trial. Every day I wake up pleading for a 'now Word' for these circumstances. And every day, He has provided that very thing to me. A new Word every blessed morning. Dropped into my spirit by the sweetest Savior. Oh, how He loves us. 

Every day after the Lord has revealed the Word to me, I send it directly to my sister and my mom and my brother. I love how that scripture seems to bind us all together as it gives us a focus for that day. A promise from God out of His Word, that carries us on eagles wings until the next one. 

God has shown me many things during these past 3 weeks. He has grown me in lots of areas. He has revealed some hard things to me about myself. He has shown me things I thought were important that really just don't matter in the end. I am learning some powerful lessons of life that have been long overdue. Taking some things out of storage. Cleaning out some prideful closets.. Making room for more of Him.

I am so thankful that I have seen and felt the faithfulness of God. I have truly felt Him walking by my side and  have heard the sweet whisper of His Holy voice in my ear. He brings comfort and peace. He brings strength and power. He is all that I need. And He is so good.

My precious granddaughter, Mikaela, is 9 years old. She decided that she wanted to cut her hair for "Locks of Love". She talked her parents into it and so we went with her last week to get it done. 

That first snip almost did me in! But I was so proud of what my sweet girl was doing.

Here is my amazing granddaughter minus 13 inches of hair! I think she is just gorgeous and she has such a precious and giving heart. She told me she prays for my sister every day and I know that she means it. 

Oh, how I love this girl. Makes a Nana very proud. 

Thank you sweet Jesus for the gift of grandchildren. Truly they are a blessing and a heritage straight from you.


Elizabethd said...

Somehow your posts had fallen off my reader until today. I send you my sympathies in your family distress, and am praying for you and your sister.

Nana Jul said...

Beth, it is His NOW WORD that keeps me...I know that place. And truthfully have to live in that place constantly! I'm so glad things are moving forward for Cari..I'm praying for your sister and mine! Different stories..but none the less both "His" story in the making!
I LOVE Mikaela's new doo!! She looks so sweet! Donating to Locks of Love...what a HEART!
Hold FIRM to His promises sister!!
Love ya,

beingwovenzephaniah317 said...

Praising God for His arms around you and your sister and family. He truly does hold you together through His Word and His Love. And I am so proud of your granddaughter. What a special child she is!
Know, Beth, that you, each and all, are in my prayers.
Caring through Christ, ~ linda

LisaShaw said...

Oh precious Beth,

My love and prayers are resting with your family. May the God of all comfort, comfort each of you and strengthen you continually as He has and always will.

I agree with you about the blessing of Grandchildren. I feel the same about my two girls.

Pamela Lawson said...

Your granddaughter is very beautiful. Her hair looks amazing! I do not know too many girls who would get their hair cut off. She has an amazing heart!