Tuesday, August 7, 2012

peace from the peace giver

"When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee;
and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee;
when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be 
burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.
For I AM the Lord thy God..."
(Isaiah 43:2-3)

It seems this past week has left me needing a fresh Word from the Lord on a daily basis, if not more. Upon waking each new merciful morning, my spirit is longing for and needing to hear the whisper of my God in my ear.

I love that He knows what I need just when I need it. And He delivers. He does that because of His deep love for His children. A love so deep it is unfathomable. A love that far surpasses any other.

I am battling my flesh right now as it rears up to cause me to doubt. I am struggling to keep myself focused on the promise of His Word and not allow the enemy to get my mind distracted. I am so grateful that the Lord began a work in me about 9 months ago that has strengthened my faith. Since November 6, 2011, when He healed my granddaughter, Mercie, the Lord has journeyed with me on a walk that has caused me to take a closer look at my faith IN Him and increased my dependence ON Him. I realize that those trials we go through are only endurable when we allow Him to go before us.

There are always going to be circumstances that I can't change. There are going to be times of testing that I just have to walk through. I don't have control over their outcome so my only line of defense is to allow God to pave my way through them.  I have to put my FAITH in Him and Him alone. I have to rely on His awesome power and His might. I have to place my self firmly in His Hand and know that He will walk by my side in the midst of the fire. I can rest knowing that He will be there every step of the way. Every hard step will be softened by the merciful and guiding Hand of Jesus.

When my spirit is dry, the Lord drenches me with a sweet truth from His Word.

"When He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold"
(Job 23:10)

The Lord showed me this passage on a morning that my soul was desperate for a revelation. Even though I had prayed for a Word specifically for my sister, when I shared this with my mom, she said she felt like the Word was for our whole family. When a loved one is enduring a trial, it tests everyone emotionally involved. When someone close to your heart is hurting, you hurt with them. So, yes, when a time of testing comes, everyone is tried but we can cling to the promise of the Lord that when we persevere, we will come forth as gold. Pure gold.

When we are called to pass through the fiery path of uncertainty, we can be assured of the loving Hand of God's protective arm and the anointing of His sweet comfort. He is the giver of peace. Unspeakable, undeniable, perfecting peace. Life giving peace.

"The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath
of the Almighty hath given me Life"
(Job 33:4)

Jesus... the Life Giver. The Spirit Breather. The Peace Maker. Creator of all.

Sweet, Lord, we put our hope and our trust and our faith securely in your Hands. We know that you will not  have us walk any place that you have not already gone before us. You pave the way with mercy and grace and we follow you. Lead the way, Oh, Lord, and we will follow wholly after you, keeping our eyes on the destination. And we will give you all the glory and honor that is due your name.



NanaNor's said...

My dear Beth, Oh you always echo the prayers of my heart. I have been constantly reminded lately to just simply trust. Life will always be up and down, filled with uncertainty but one thing we have learned is that if the Lord is for us, who can be against us?!
Sending love, hugs and prayers your way today.

Miriam said...

Beth,I understand. Lifting you & your sweet hearts up in prayer.
Love & hugs!

Anonymous said...

I've preached from Job a couple of times lately. That is a great book to keep us focused and spur us on when we are issues of this life. Good post.

Nana Jul said...

He is the One who holds us together and goes before us - filtering the way. Keep your eyes fixed upon HIM foot in front of the other, and keep Praising! He's the One who sheds light in the darkness and levels the mountains. He Still Heals. And Love...Well that's just WHO HE IS!
Hold onto His Hand...never ever give up HOPE!
Praying for you and your sister...He is still God - always has been...always will be. He knows.
Love ya