Saturday, September 1, 2012

digging deep

The deeper I go, the deeper I desire to go. To know. To seek.

Hungering for more.
  Searching the scriptures and devouring His Word.

Finding new truths and uncovering wonders.
New revelations.

Hidden in the glorious depths are treasures,
the very wonder of Him.

The voice of God speaks within my spirit.
A fresh Word.
Fresh Grace.
Fresh Mercy.
Fresh Truth.
Words that pierce hard and go deep.

As I read, I feel His tender care of me. He wraps me in His embrace. I feel His Holy Hands holding me in His eternal and secure grip.

Dwelling in the safety of His arms, I feel the power of His presence.

He cradles me gently. Tucks me under His wing and covers me. 

He blankets me with Love.
Love so amazing.
So undeserved. 
Yet so welcome. So needed. So cherished.

Seeking His glory.
Searching His Word.
Expecting His voice.
Encountering His presence.

Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that He is God.


Please continue to pray for my sister and drop by her site and encourage her.

Basking in the joy of grandchildren who are home for a little while before heading back off to work. Oh, how I love my sweet babies.

Sawyer and Bryton


Look who is 1 year old! Laylah Beth has grown up way too fast.

Cute pic of Mikaela and Mercie - sisters and friends.


NITA said...

Lovely post, great pictures, thank you for sharing them with us

Elizabethd said...

What beautfiul grandchildren you have. They give so much pleasure don't they?
Mine now range from 12 to 25, so very much at different stages....but still lovely!

Nana Jul said...

Seeking Him and reading His Word is what kept me while I was in TX this past week with my sister. It was fresh every morning...and His little ways of showing me He was with me through out each day...made me smile.
JESUS...makes all the difference!
Love ya sister! Love the pics of the grands...what a delight.